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Dated: 11:27am on Friday 16th June 2017

8 ball pool contain sixteen balls white one is cue ball 1 to 7 solids 9 to 15 strips 8 solid in color, aim, force time is very important to win this game always plan before hitting a ball.

8 Ball pool is an amazing game..which has lots of ups and downs which are of course a centre of attraction of this game. You should know the certain tricks:

  • Basics: It's follows the 8 basic rules but in specific remember..in case a ball couldn't touch the side around the table, it's called a foul. It will allow your enemy move the cueball to anywhere on the table. When you're following the last shot...pot the last black one, next to all your object balls...if you pot the 8 balls in an uncalled pocket it will make you to lose the game.. potting the 8 Ball from break is not a foul but help keeping the balls on the table correctly.
  • It has many breaks but it doesn't have a single break..lets us talk about two mainly..shot the first ball in the triangle straight on and use top spin to go through the pack for more...secondly..shot the second from last ball as swiftly as can be using full backspin resulting the cue ball to shot the cushion and go into pack again.
  • Keep a track of your power which either take you through or can keep there only.sometimes more power doesn't help to gain target but a less power can..but it should not too much less..for hitting a straightforward shot..
  • Planning is necessary for winner..so first concentrate to white guidelines and direction it's taking you too..then search for the other balls..n leave the cueball accordingly..the more slowly you will the more easily it will go through or vice versa..
  • Spinning is again a sweet step..so keep the contact point at the bottom of the ball which will enable the cueball to spin back..the more backspin you need..the lower we would drop the point to know the rate of spin..side spin is a final form of the game which enable the changing of angle...also don't forget to avoid the sinkage of the cueball..so you got know the amount of spin in different situations
  • Every cue has four attributes..spin..force..aim..time..so please use them as n when required....each cue has 50 shots..to use anywhere and everywhere..
  • Don't forget to use ruler to increase your guidelines..easily..
  • One can win 25 coins on each 30 mins on the web n an hour on mobile..click on free button to get them..also watch small adverts to earn coins..for each level up you will get one pool cash..for login daily you will get a some coins..

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