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Dated: 10:00am on Friday 14th July 2017

angry birds friends is a game in which you have to strategies how to use birds to break building.

Angry birds friends is a great game and its a fun to play this game but scoring high is a challenge...so if you fix up your mind with the score..then follow these tricks...for smooth playing.

  • Spare the time: spare the time so that you could play well and do not get frustrated.
  • Know your birds well: learn special things, weaknesses and strength like yellow are strong again wood to break them. Use black birds these are flying bombs use them to smash through concrete structures. the white bird can drop one egg and can be used to destroy something 
  • Try different angles: to knock down the structures. keep repeating the effort observe the environment and take notes.
  • Use the background environment to help locate the perfect " action point".
  • Think outside the box- use your and don't be bookish.
  • Seek and you small fund- Don't afraid to art for help, your friends are just a call all away.
  • Take a break and chat with them.
  • Cross your fingers: one in while, you'll make a unrepeatable lucky shot and are able to complete the level with flying colors.
  • Don't get Angry, have FUN in the game.         

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