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Dated: 3:07am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Strategy Guide Having All The Useful Information For Better Understanding And Leveling Up Faster.


Introduction to Ballistic

It has been noticed that many of the games that I go into, most people are having trouble winning gun fights or they get spawn trapped fairly quickly. I have prepared this guide which will help all the game lovers to do good in the game Ballistic.

So,  whether you are new or have played for awhile this first tip should be followed through most of your time playing Ballistic.

Maximum use of 5-star/Gold weapons  

Now everyone starts with the SR-16 rifle. This is the fastest gun to rank up and get gold for, hence  it is recommended to use it for some time, even after you buy new guns. Using gold guns will earn you Legacy XP which is vital to leveling up other guns further down the shop trees. As you progress through the trees in the shop, the guns will get ridiculously hard to earn XP for, that's where the gold guns shine.

When you level up guns, you will receive accuracy bonuses for that weapon at 20% each star, totaling to 100% accuracy increase for gold guns. This does not mean they have no recoil, this just is a fancy way of saying recoil is cut in half. Use the Legacy XP you earned from your gold guns to upgrade your newly purchased weapons before you use them in battle. This way, you gun will be able to perform on a level in which you should be able to defend yourself. You don't have to level it up to gold before using it, but I would recommend at least 2 to 3 stars first, depending on what type of weapon it is.

No matter the gun, only one shot to the head will kill them.
This is super important to the gameplay. If you can manage to hit your opponent in the head before he can hit yours, you win. Now aiming down the sights (ADS) is somewhat difficult for guns with iron sights, and just about all of your starting guns out of the shop will have iron sights, so I recommend firing from the hip up close. Just aim your reticule so that about half of it covers their head area and the other half is on their chest. Chances are there, you will get a headshot. This is not only important for quick kills, they also give you more XP for getting headshots, which will help you level up much faster.

Staying alive longer
Neither you do not redevelop health in this game nor there are any health packs. Hence, you need to be careful about the amount of damage you take. Side strafe left and right in gun fights instead of running at the enemy to avoid getting shot more.  You should learn the maps routes and pick one that leads back to your spawn when low on health to regroup with your teammates. Also, use side routes to surprise enemies so you can start shooting them before they shoot you. There are certain skills that will help you stay alive. The middle skill tree is devoted to giving you bonuses like extra health, explosive resistance, less fall damage, and more! If you don't want to go down this tree all the way, a few points in less fall damage or explosive resistance for sure will help you stay alive longer! Take Note: Less fall damage is at the top of the third skill tree, which specializes in mobility and stealth.

Spending Credits Wisely!
Earning credits in Ballistic will allow you to unlock new weapons in the shop, and upgrade them too. Note: Attachments for guns cannot be bought, they are specific to the gun! For example, the Tactical Dirk M209 in the Tactical tree has iron sights and a heavy caliber rounds, while the Marksman Dirk M209 in the Marksman tree has a suppressor, red dot sight, and heavy caliber rounds! Same gun, different attachments!

Now, earning credits can be slow with only about 500+ credits a match (depending on how well you did). Unlessyou are working towards a certain gun you want, or are trying to unlock 5 guns to get gold for (which unlocks the tree's bonus weapon at the bottom for you) you should be very careful of what you buy! Compare weapons with one another, you might find guns like the Tactical PDW90 is better than other guns of the same category further down the tree! Save your credits for upgrading your weapons with Legacy XP I talked about earlier instead of buying a gun just to try it.

I cannot tell you what guns to use, because that's your choice, but if you are having trouble picking a solid all around gun, either stick to the Strike tree or look at what other players are having a lot of success with. Note: Having the right gun means nothing on the wrong map! You will unlock more loadouts at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20. So it's important to only have a few guns you can rely on at lower levels.

Getting Out Of Spawn...

This has been some problems for a lot of new players... You will be invincible for a short time after spawning, so try and deal with anyone around your spawn during that time. Grenades do a great job of removing unwanted guests from "camping" outside your spawn. Note: You must remember there are multiple ways out of your spawn on every map! Find a way around the other team and shoot them in the back of the head or go for the knife to clear them out fast!

Simply remember in TDM spawn trappers are just easier for you to find!

Practice, Practice, Practice...

As you play  more and more,  you will understand better how things work, like how to aim grenades. Do not forget,  it is just a game that you are playing to have fun! The longer you play, the better the rewards get, so stick with it!

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