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Dated: 3:03am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Information And Objectives Needed To Ensure A Good Base Foundation After Approaching Level 20

Below you will find the information and objectives you need to fulfill to ensure a good base foundation as your approach level 20.


After you have completed a few Marauder builds listed, you will need to start expanding the amount of resources your base is capable of holding. Do this by building additional land tiles and constructing new warehouses. Try to arrange your base so that your warehouses are protected to ensure that other pirates cannot easily pilfer your resources.  Your best bet would be to use the Base Planner tool to set your base up to look something like this:

battle pirates 


By now you should have completed the research to bring your advanced lab up to level 4 and have hopefully collected enough resources to have started and completed Auto-Loader I research.

What next?

You’ll now want to set about constructing a new fleet of Marauders with your new Auto-Loader technology. However, you’ll notice you only have enough fleet space to field a single fleet of ships. So, while your ships are under construction we can start upgrading our War Academy. Upgrade it to about level 4. This will let you field 4 fleets of ships.


Once you have completed your War Academy research, head back out onto the high seas and pirate some resources from the Draconians so that you can begin research on your Naval Lab level 5. Repeat this process until you can start researching the Battle Barge.


Once you have started the Battle Barge research, start upgrading your Weapons Lab to at least level 4, and researching Rapier Missiles.


  • Long Term Goal 1: Finish Battle Barge Research in the Naval Lab
  • Long Term Goal 2: Upgrade your Weapons Lab to at least level 4
  • Long Term Goal 3: Complete the Rapier Missiles research line of tech in the Weapons Lab
  • Long Term Goal 4: Start the research for Solid Fuel Booster in the Advanced Lab
  • Long Term Goal 5: Complete the Iron Armor Research Line in the Naval Lab



Once your fleet of brand-new Marauders is complete and slotted into your Fleet, you'll notice that your Fleet's weight is over capacity by 3%.


We can remedy this problem by increasing the level of our Dock. Level your dock up to rank 2, and you should be able to use your brand new fleet of ships!

Start another build for these Marauders to maximize your resource collection.

Long Term Goal 6: Build another 5 Marauders in your Shipyard


Filling out your base:

We are going to also want to start to fill out some of that extra land we have kicking around in our base. Resource collectors are a great way to do that. Build three of the following:


  • Oil Rig
  • Metal Foundry
  • Wind Turbine
  • Zynthium Refinery


You will then want to upgrade each of these buildings to level 3. Now your base will generate resources for you even when you’re not online.


  • TIP: Many players are very helpful, if you’re struggling to collect resources try asking in sector chat.
  • TIP: If you see a fleet on the world map that has been destroyed and has left over resources in it you can pirate those resources by attacking the destroyed cargo fleet. But be warned, pirating resources from other players could cause them to attack you!


Once you have completed the previous tasks, start thinking about your Intelligence Lab. Initiate its upgrade to level 3. Once the upgrade is complete, you're going to need to begin upgrading your Warehouses again.


  • Long Term Goal 7: Upgrade your Warehouses to level 7


Once you’re warehouses have completed upgrading let’s build some defense turrets. Try and cluster your turret construction to maximize their effectiveness.


  • Short Term Goal 1: Build 9 Defense Platforms and equip them with a Howitzer 1 cannon.


Once you have completed this goal, we should build some walls to protect those new turrets. Surround your turrets with walls to protect them from enemy Ballistic Fire.


  • TIP: You can place multiple Walls by holding down the “SHIFT” key.


Once you have got your Turrets and walls set up looking like the picture below:

 battle pirates 

Start upgrading your Outpost to level 4. This is a fairly long upgrade, so set it to upgrade over night.

This is a good time to go outside, or take a nap. Eat some fruit.  Do not forget to come back and start another ship build.


Introducing Blueprint Hunting:

Blueprints are extremely valuable pieces of technology that can be looted from Draconian Salvage fleets. This allows you to equip powerful Draconian weapons on your ships. Keep your eyes open for these from now on. 

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