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Strategy Guide About, Ship Types, Research, Ballistic, Missiles, Mortars, Long Term Goals And More


Welcome to the flooded world of Battle Pirates. You are part of the Forsaken Council now and as one of the Forsaken you will need to fight for Survival.


Piracy on these seas is very simple. If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to focus your attacks on low level, lightly guarded Draconian Cargo Fleets. Remember, the higher level the salvage the more heavily guarded it will be.

battle pirates 

These fleets carry resources, and if you are able to destroy all the Draconian ships in the fleet that are protecting them you’ll be able to claim the resources as your own.

 battle pirates 

Once you have claimed the resources you will need to haul them back to your base, and from there you can use them to repair your fleets, research new and improved technology, and build new buildings and ships.

battle pirates 


When starting out, you will have access to the most basic ships and basic weapon types.


Basic Ship Types:

  • Gunboat
  • Skirmisher
  • Longship
  • Marauder


These four ships are going to be the staple of Captains who are just starting out. Below is a list of things you will want to start working on immediately.


Skirmisher Research

Upgrade your Naval Lab to Level 2

Longship Research

Upgrade your Outpost to level 2


Once your Outpost level 2 starts to research, you will want to begin collecting resources to start upgrading some weapons. There are three basic types of weapons. As you level up you will encounter stronger versions of these weapons as well as unlock access to new powerful weapon types, like Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Torpedos:


Basic Weapon Types:

Ballistic: These weapon types do Ballistic damage and are often fast firing, medium range weapons with good damage per second. These weapons are well-rounded but generally have low accuracy and are vulnerable to ships that have high evasion.

Missiles: Missiles do Penetrative damage. They tend to be extremely long range and highly accurate. However, they can also be shot down by some countermeasure weapons.

Mortars: Mortars do Explosive damage. These weapons are dumbfire and target a location and will travel to that location, instead of targeting a ship directly, allowing fast ships to out-run their fire. They can also be shot down by some countermeasure weapons.


When starting your Weapon Research, you will want to pick a focus. Missiles and Ballistics are best for attacking Fleets, Mortars are best for attacking bases.


Additionally, you will want to start construction on the Advanced Lab building.


Long Term Goal 1: Increase your advanced lab to level 4 and begin research on Auto-Loader Technology.


Once you have completed a few levels of Weapon Research and increased your Naval Lab to level four you will want to begin construction on a few Marauders.


Long Term Goal 2: Your long term goals here should be to gain access to the Predator Submarine and Torpedo Weaponry. This goal can be accomplished by upgrading your Naval Lab to level 5

Long Term Goal 3: Your second long term goal should be to gain access to the Sea Wolf Hull. This upgrade can be done by upgrading your Naval lab to level 9 and researching the Battle Barge and the Marauder.


A great low level Marauder build is the following:

battle pirates 

This is a solid fleet that can begin attacking higher level salvages to bring in more resources, to fund more research as you continue along your path of pirating.


TIP: If you are unable to load all the resources from a Salvage fleet, those resources are not lost but remain in the fleet on the world map for you to come back to.

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