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Dated: 3:06am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Guide Containing Useful Information Relating To Battlefront Heroes Helping Beginners To Understand It Better

Gameplay Mechanics:


3 types of buildings are in the game i.e. Resource Buildings, Base Buildings and Defense Buildings.

Command Center: The Command Center is the most important building in your base. You need to upgrade it in order to unlock new defenses and buildings. We have a separate guide listing all Battlefront Heroes buildings.

Resource Buildings are required to create that precisely, resources, which are used to create other buildings and produce units.

Base Buildings are needed to unlock new units and features

Defense Buildings are the key to protect your base from other players’ attacks during raids, the way they are laid out is key when determining a victory or a complete base destruction

Diamond Mine : This building can and generates diamonds, yes, the production rate is 2 per hour. Enemy raids cannot steal the diamonds produced by this building.


  • Food : It is produced by farms and looted from missions on other players or PvE campaigns. Food is necessary to train troops.
  • Oil : It is obtained from the oil drill, PvE campaigns and player raids. needed to create buildings and create certain units.
  • Minerals :  These are obtained from mines, PvE campaigns and player raids. needed to create buildings

Resource production from mines, drills and farms need to be harvested from the production building, it then goes to the corresponding storage facility. The storage buildings need to be upgraded in order to store more resources.


There are a number of units in Battlefront Heroes. All of them, except for the Marines, are locked at the very beginning of the game. Each one has a certain target when deployed in the battlefield. Read our Units guide to see their stats and descriptions.


Although you get a second worker during the tutorial, adding extra workers cost 500 diamonds


Usually, quests are the single and better way to power level since they show you the best progress path possible, creating the buildings and units in the right order, without having to spend diamonds in the process.


In PvE missions, you do not get a map that shows your progress path, but rather a mission file indication how far you are into the chapter, a hint (suggests what to do in the mission, like troop placement) and the recommended army for that army and the reward

You can skip all missions within a chapter by spending quite a considerable amount of diamonds.

Victory!  obtaining a victory rewards you with medals, crystals and food


PvE campaigns are a must for a new player in Battlefront Heroes, they are very simple and easy at first, allowing you to quickly gather resources.

In-Game Currencies

Attack and Defense Strategies

We are working on a separate guide to explain the best base designs and also the best attack strategy for PvP.

Best Base Layouts

Unlocking Monuments

Powerful monuments can be unlocked by you by earning 3-star victories in battle. Each monument gives you a different stat bonus for your army. You can at once buy these monuments with diamonds.

  • Veterans Memorial -  It will enhance the movement speed of all your ground troops
  • Air Supremacy - It will make your air units fly faster.
  • Reinforcement Tent - It increases your army capacity with a reinforcement tent.
  • Fountain of Protection -  It strengthens the attack power of all defense structures
  • Clock Tower - It builds a clock tower to speed up training times for all your units
  • Lawn Gnome - It befuddles your enemies and slow them down with this deceptively cute lawn gnome

Important Tips

  • Change of Name -  Changing your name costs diamonds. How to change your name in battlefront heroes?  You should tap on the top left corner of the screen, on top of the level indicator.
  • How to enter the Elite League? - You need 2000 medals to enter the elite league.
  • Top alliances are ranked according to that amount of team medals.
  • Refills -  You can buy different sizes of diamonds packs in the shop and also food packs at a certain real-life money price.
  • Shields -  Shields are in-app purchases that protect your base temporarily, the time they protect it varies depending on which shield type you buy, all of them cost diamonds.
  • Upgrade encampments to enhance your troop capacity (so taking more units to battle)
  • Take Note that you would not be able to retrieve your units from the battlefield, no matter whether you use them or not.

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