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Dated: 8:31am on Wednesday 19th July 2017

Bejeweled Blitz strategies how to make pattern swapping gems get bonus on every match.

BEJEWELED blitz is a game which is totally a jewel domination with bursts, bonuses, multiplier. To get the certain level you will take a long time..but achieving the same level is possible with these below-mentioned tricks in less time.

  • Four gems in a row move- It will get you the special gem that detonated the gems around it. Save them and avoid detonating them all cost and increase your overall multiplier. You will be happy when you will have got a cascading burst of gems detonating at 8× your original score.
  • Multiplier and speed bonus are super let to a super high score- there are two bonuses:- 
  • Speed bonus depends on your speed of swiping gems which you can do or you will get + 1000 points and if you will do more quickly you can also get a fire gem once your text change from yellow to red. 
  • It's an actual multiplier and saving thrown have ×2 or ×3 in there will go on to ×8. So just focus on the multiplier. Using both will get you really good score.
  • Boost is a great trick which you can get by spending coins. 3 burst is best which will get you +5 seconds to your game play time.
  • SCRAMBLER - it allows to the scrambled board twice.
  • BONUS MULTIPLIER- Start the game with it.
  • CASH Out it daily spins- Daily spins will give coins, which will get boosts, bonus gems, and other special items, so stick polling coins.
  • COLLECT COINS IN GAME- Ensure there are gems which can get coins and will put more coins in the bulk. Four on building coins banks.
  • SPECIAL ITEMS AND RARE GEMS- Select the most beneficial- the two are- card eye and Phoenix- card eye came around at the end of the round and blast tons of pieces off the board. If you are at 8× multiplier it will increase your score. Phoenix gems are basically wild cards. Count a chain reaction clears all pieces across the board diagonally wait till the time you get 5× multiplier which will be better.
  • WARM UP before cashing coins in for boasts..will get you more in the process.

         cool  best of luck n enjoycool

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