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About Blade Hunter

You are a Blade Hunter, a master of hand-to-hand combat with a calling to protect the innocent wherever they may be. Your oath leads you into the service of Lina, the Oracle of the Holy Blades, on a journey across the sky. But when villains on dragonback kidnap the Oracle and leave you for dead, you awaken to a destiny greater than you ever imagined... Blade Hunter is a beat 'em up action MMORPG in the tradition of arcade and console classics. Choose one of three heroic classes – Valkyrie, Knight, and Rogue – and set off on your quest to unlock legendary combat techniques and bring peace to the land. Responsive keyboard controls mean that every slice, uppercut, and jump is in your hands! With every victory, your character's abilities will expand. Before long, you'll be able to join other players against bosses that span the entire screen! The strongest warriors will form mighty guilds, perform insane aerial combos, and forge mythic Bladesouls to turn the tides of battle!

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