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“A serious accident has occurred in the US Army lab in Connecticut. <p> The Z1988-N1 virus has been released. The virus is highly aggressive and resembles a flu virus. Avoid groups of people, stay at home and ration your supplies. The government has invoked a state of emergency and mobilized the Army and National Guard. A curfew will be in force starting at dusk.”</p><p> </p><p> Your task:</p><p> The virus has spread faster than the government feared. After Z1988-N1 has taken over the east coast, the epidemic spread over the entire planet. Governmental structures have generally failed. </p><p> • You are now responsible for the survival of you community. </p><p> • Create the necessary infrastructure.</p><p> • Acquire the essential survival supplies.</p><p> • Do whatever is necessary…</p>

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