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Note:All instructions on this page has been updated on 11 June 2019. Please read them to make sure you are following things correctly.

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Updated On 24-November-2018: issues related to submitting items now fixed.

First step is to right click yellow area, and not play button and image Area. Second step to click Copy Link Address. Third Step is right click Paste area and click paste on above form on this page. Use below images as hints, every game has similar posts like them.

Bubble Bikini Submit Links Manually Bubble Bikini Submit Links Manually Bubble Bikini Submit Links Manually

Important Tips

  • This page helps you to collect your friends bonuses by preparing all newsfeed posts for single click.
  • This page helps you to track number of clicks to your submitted posts.
  • You can not claim bonus from same link more than once. You may find some links are expired and not working. This does not mean that all links are not working.
  • Each material shared by you will be claimed by everyone and in return it gives you the same number of that item by each user. For example: (your 1 submitted item) + (has got 5 clicks by others) = (You will get 5 same material into your Bubble Bikini game) Remember your sharing will increase your chances to get more of same Bubble Bikini item.
  • Note: Above theory works for some items or few games you can try it may work for you.
  • To remove your current and future posts please add youself to our block list HERE and remove the browser addonn. For problems, suggestions please comment below or email us at ADMIN@GAMESKIP.COM

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