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Dated: 3:04am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Strategies About Points, Bonus, Power Ups And Clearing Level - 11, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 65, 101

Strategy to be adopted

One of your main goal is to look ahead 2-3 steps of time. Although you cannot control or know the bubbles that are coming up in your shooting queue, you can note the bubble creating trouble and control the bubble which paths to break. Your goal is to always break bubbles so that you have a couple choices or paths to continue your Combo.


Your Aim

To earn a higher score, strategies and tips aside, you need to improve your aiming skill so that the bubbles go where you want them to go. Practice often and learn how the bubbles bounce off the Bubble Epic walls. By learning and improving your shooting skills, you can improve your stars and scores by heaps.


Aim of Getting Points and Bonus

The combo makes a huge different in making your score bins higher. You want to continue your breaking combos at all costs – especially for harder levels. The Combo and score effect is even more prominent because of the losing points bonus effect. In general, when you get to +10~+15 combo, you are very likely to pass the bubble epic stage with 3 full stars. The scoring bins advance based on the following pattern: 300 and rise to 500, 700 then 1000.


Use Pre-Game and In-Game Power Ups

You should try to save up on coins with the easier levels and use them on the hard levels. Sometimes it is the power ups that will help push your scoring star over the edge. In addition, the extra orbs will also help you chances at scoring the combos if you happen to miss a couple. If you do have the Cash to spare, sometimes spending them with the Bubble Epic power ups to pass the harder stages can be smart too.


Pre-Game Power Up

Start with 5 Bubbles – 2000 coins
Upgrade containers to 500 – 2000 coins
Upgrade containers to 1000 – 15 Epic Cash (Unlock at level 11)
3000 coins (Unlock at level 21)
19 Cash (Unlock at level 41)
15 Cash (Unlock at level 61)


In-Game Power Up

These power ups are sold with Bubble Epic cash. They are useful in breaking some of the Obstacle bubbles in the game.

Pente Bubbles – 5 Cash – Add 5 More bubbles
Mimicus Orb – 5 Cash – Match Any first bubble it touches
Crystal Ball – 5 Cash – Get Glimpse of entire puzzle
Seon Extension – 10 Cash – Extend Line of sight to improve accuracy
Explodere Orb – 8 Cash – Burst stone bubbles in an area (Level 11 Unlock)
Fleten Orb – 12 Cash – Destroy 6 bubbles en route, cannot bounce off walls (Level 21 Unlock)
Cura Orb – 8 Cash – Turn mud bubbles back to normal (Level 31 Unlock)
Sunshine Orb – 4 Cash – Thaw frozen containers (Level 65 Unlock)
Sand Blaster – 9 Cash – Clear away sand trap (Level 121 Unlock)


Know about Different Obstacle Bubbles

There are a number of obstacle bubbles that get introduced as you advance in the game. Make sure you understand how it can affect your game strategy, know what they look like and what negative effects that they do.


Level 11 – Stone Orbs
“These are colorless Stone Orbs and cannot be popped, but you drop them by bursting the surrounding bubbles”

Notes: This is fairly simple to get around.


Level 21 – Color traps

“Quagmire does not like Color Traps! If hit directly they fill nearby space with more bubbles”

Notes: Pop them while they are surrounded by other bubbles.


Level 31 – Butterfly
“Oi! You see that butt’rfly? If hit in anyway it’ll break and fly’round and change the color of some random bubbles”

Notes: Use this to your advantage when you know your combo’s going to be broken.


Level 41 – Mud Clamps
“If you hit a Mud Clamp, it will start to cover adjacent bubbles with mud, so be careful!!”


Level 51 – Stone traps
“Ah, you have come across the Stone Trap. When hit it will turn all adjacent bubbles into stone. Be cautious!”

Notes: Hit it when there’s less adjacent bubbles.


Level 61 – Chains
“Chains. I hate chains, cold and confining just like ice. You have to break the chain with a direct hit, only then can you pop the bubble”

Notes: Any color bubble will be able to break up the chain.


Level 65 – Cryo Traps
“Cryo traps will turn a container to solid ice for 10 turns! Missing a shot won’t help! You can use the Sunshine Orb to thaw the container”


Level 101 – Hurricane Orbs
“Blow in bubbles from around the region and add them to your puzzle. Stay clear of the Hurricane Orbs”
Hurricane Bubbles will add 15 random bubbles of any color to the visible screen area


Important Note: This is a serious trap that will slow down your game and mess up your strategy. Avoid this at all costs.


Avoid Hitting Chunks at The Beginning

This strategy ties into the combo idea. Your loose bubbles from a massive hit will land on your scoring bins. However, at the beginning of the stage your combo count is low which means that scores that you earn from the loose bubbles will be low. At the beginning of the stage, your primarily goal is to set the stage up so that you have plenty more combos and high scoring bins.


Key and Coin Farming

When there is somethig tough, do not be afraid to farm the easier lower level stages for coins and keys for treasure. Pick the stage that you can beat effortlessly, and play it continuously to earn various loots. With the money and power ups in place, you will have easier time at harder Bubble Epic stages while potentially a higher score and stars.

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