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Dated: 5:36am on Thursday 15th June 2017

Bubble witch saga lots of levels to achieve quickly with unlimited lives swapping bubbles and combos to get a better point

Bubble Witch Saga is nice entertaining game, it has lots of levels and challenges..if you really want to figure out the game and want to achieve quickly..then the below mentioned tips will help you....

  • Target Top Most From Link Chain : You will find a situation where in your task will revolve around freeing a trapped spirit and only way is to remove the surrounded bubbles or clear out the bubbles the directly in contact with ghost also remove the top bubbles.
  • Banked and non- banked shots- Non banked shot has a dotted line when aimed. Banked shots are harder but you will get marks and combos. It also have a dotted aiming line but that line will cut off at the walls your aiming towards and will get more.
  • Unlimited Lives: Use mobile time fast forward trick to regain your lives. Just change the time setting to get the lives back by forward time by few hours and go back to game and play.
  • Swap: Swapping the bubbles is also a good strategy to follow.
  • Combo: Before taking a shot look for combos as obvious they will get you better points.

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