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Dated: 2:19am on Monday 12th June 2017

Candy crush soda saga is another version of Candy Crush so few old strategy will follow you can read more for new ones.

Candy Crush Soda Saga is an advancement of candy crush which will take you to the new heights of entertainment..Here are few Strategies or tricks which will help in completing hard levels

  • Unlimited Lives: Similar to older version you can change the time in settings by few hours ahead to get all the lives back.
  • Finding Bear: The next thing you need to learn is how to scout out the already frozen bear below the ice..as it caught below one or two layers of ice..so if you break the first layer you will be able to see the a lightish blue green glow..so try to protect the moves by only following the areas of ice that has near.. in this game you will find the candies fall from the ice...
  • Soda Bottles: Don't allow the soda bottles passes you by making the bear too fast..try to make all the bottles of equal level or less the bubble bear before making it to grow any longer...if you can't then don't let the green bottles pass you by...
  • Float to top: If you really want to float to top try to match all the vertical striped candies in the same column..once you will do it you can clear the whole row.
  • Learn that the frosted bear locations are different every time. Whenever you start again you will never find the frosted bear at one place...so use iq level to judge where the bear could be..
  • The next suggest to use the coloring candies smartly.. which you can make by adding seven whopping candies..which you can change with the other candy...so you will the same color inside and the pieces will change into..
  • If you will want fish then only go for Swedish fish..by making a grid of equal sides of the same candy..so protect your moves and make fish only if it's necessary...
  • Plan Your Moves: Just know your barriers like honey, chocolate and others...just as in the case of chocolate which multiply their number of its own but if you break it, it will never return...also pastries, cupcakes and other treat items..if you have more toppings and items it means you will have play more.
  • Make sure that your barriers will not hamper your progress..plus you can follow all the tricks of candy crush saga..so all the very best friends...ENJOY...

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