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Imporatnt Note: Some old players are unable to send or recieve gifts, to fix this issue you have to give it fresh permissions to do this. Go to -- Settings-- Apps And Websites -- Expired -- Search For Clockmaker and remove the app. After that open game in New Window, it will reverify permission and fixes the issue. This method will not effect your saved progress.

Clockmaker: Add Game Friends


Ashish K
Ritu K
Sara K
Aashu K
Milky Nicen
Margo Kevin

Before requesting gift make sure you send friend request to these accounts.

Request Gift button will notify them to send you gift.


Note: To Get gifts Daily, Click this Button Daily.

    Steps To Get Free Friends Gifts Daily

  • Bookmark this page to request friends gift daily. This page is for limited users only. Whoever comes first can gain access.
  • Above Accounts are premium user accounts, Add them as friends, send them Facebook friend request.
  • Click "REQUEST GIFT" To notify them to accept your friend request.
  • Use "REQUEST GIFT" Button Daily which will notify them to send you gifts.
  • Note: Sending gift may require some processing time because of so many requests. It may take from few minutes to few hours for the first time.
  • Note: They will unfriend you if you stop clicking "Request Gifts" Daily than you have to send request again. So make sure to Bookmark this page and visit daily to "Request Gift"

    Important Notes

  • Type "Add me" To add your Facebook profile link on this page.
  • Game Friends: They help in various ways to make game easier, funnier and more rewarding, it also create competitions.
  • Gift Credits, Spins & Power Ups, Coins sending to friends, does not take them out of your total, It's free to gift things. Lots of People Never Gift Other Friends because they think they lose it from their Stockpile. So start sharing to help each other.
  • Safety Tip: Please make sure after adding a person that he plays game and make sure not to follow any link provided by him/her. and do not share your password or any other personal info to anyone no matter what. We suggest to use a different game account for games.