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Dated: 7:54am on Monday 10th June 2019

Strategies To Attack Pirate Rafts, Maximum Builders, Strong Base, Perfect Troops On Deck, Traps And Walls, Join Clan, Look For Traps And More

cloud raiders


As you know, there is a good collection of attractive cool action strategy mobile games available in the market these days.  Here, we talk about one of those games i.e. Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest, which is the creation of Game Insight. It is an action-fueled title that focuses on floating islands and fast-paced raids.

In this game,  you have to require building up a powerful clan of air raiders, facing off with tough legendary bosses, collecting valuable loot and so much more.

cloud raiders

1. Keep Your Troops Close to Your Bunker, Train Them and Keep a Nice Variety of Them on Deck

 cloud raiders

  • You should keep your bunkers stocked with troops for maximum defense potential.
  • It is always to ensure that the troops you choose to put on the battlefield are as varied as they come. A wise variety of troops means several offensive and defensive situations that you’ll encounter can be handled without too much of a problem.
  • Be sure you always train more than one set of troops at the very same time.
  • As you more and more level up, the more troops you will get to add to your roster.

2. Attack Pirate Rafts for Great Goodies

 cloud raiders

  • Pirate rafts are filled with treasures, so make sure you raid their bases regularly.
  • You should always pay close attention to the enemy types and treasure rewards these rafts house. You’ll be able to adjust you battle tactics accordingly before you start attacking.

3. You have to add as Many Builders to Your Crew as Possible

 cloud raiders

  • If you add more builders, it allows you to upgrade and construct more buildings at the same time.
  • You can earn even more Gold and Cloud currency by building Drills and Beacons. Your construction efforts will lead to you having more opportunities to farm for more currency and double your earnings. More Gold and Cloud will allow you to pick up more troops and upgrade your buildings.

 4. Seek Out Weak Player Opponents, But Make Your Base as Strong as Possible to Keep it Protected

 cloud raiders

  • Find PvP opponents with weak defenses and target the resource storage’s and production buildings to get loot fast.
  • Keeping your defenses intact and stronger against live player raids means you’ll have to buy a Shield every time you stop playing. While you’re away, your shield will help keep your base alive and protected from any attacks.

5. Change Up Your Raiding Tactics and Keep the Perfect Troops on the Front Line

 cloud raiders

  • You should try various tactics with different troops when raiding other players.
  • For example, always keep some troops on hand who specialize in taking down barriers or troops that specialize in heavy offense. Breaking down barriers and flanking other player’s toughest troops are simply the best methods towards putting them down fast.

6. Upgrade Everything to the Max and Complete as Many Achievements as Possible

 cloud raiders

  • You need to keep your troops, barrels and ammo upgraded for maximum damage!
  • As you upgrade, you will also complete several of the in-game achievements and acquire even more rewards and get more chances to upgrade everything in your possession. All that Gold, Cloud and Diamonds will push you to complete even more of the game’s specialty tasks.

7. Study You Base Weaknesses and Stay Ahead of the Pack

 cloud raiders

  • Play with your base layout. Watch replays of other players raiding you to catch those weak spots in your defenses.

8. Get Friendly and Join Up With a Clan

  • You should join or start a clan with your friends to exchange troops and challenge the global ladder.

9. Traps and Walls Must Be Built!

cloud raiders

  • Lay down traps and re-arm them regularly!
  • Ensure always to keep your base surrounded by traps and walls, too. Do not fully enclose your base in walls, though because your troops have to leave and engage in battle somehow.

10. Look for Traps!

  • Do not be fooled by easy targets as they may be surrounded by traps! Test the waters with cheap troops first.

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