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Dated: 12:49pm on Monday 12th June 2017

Cookie jam tips like unlimited lives, patterns, clearing corners, bottom moves first and much more.

Cookie Jam is a revolutionary game, you can achieve all levels but that only after spending long hours so if you want to save your time and want to achieve fast, then follow the following tricks...

  • UNLIMITED FREE LIVES IN COOKIE JAM- Change the date and time as we can do in most similar games. If you run out of lives, go to settings on your phone and change the time forward a 2-3 hour, switch back to Cookie Jam you will get lives again.
  • MAKE THE SAME PATTERNS- Give candies in a row will do the same thing a donut will, an L and T shape will give exploding ingredient use ability to your advantage.
  • TO REACH CORNERS, SAVE YOUR ROLLING PINS FOR HARD- Rolling pin will clear an entire row of an ingredient in one go. Rather finish. It's smarter to save ingredients for corners and crevices.
  • LET THE GINGERBREAD MEN DO THEMSELVES- Don't be after GINGERBREAD  men around the board. Keep an eye on them. By that time look for pattern above and around them.
  • MAKE MOVE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BOARD FIRST- If you make a move at the top of the board; you will not go for combos..rather take a move at the bottom which will create cascade effect and more new pieces become available.
  • Look for special cookies, more than ingredients mostly.
  • TRY TO END THE GAME WITH AS MANY MOVES LEFT AS POSSIBLE FOR GETTING 3 STARS- One star can be achieved easily but 3 stars are a challenge with a lot of moves left which will get you a special ingredient and also high score.
  • DO NOT THINK COMBOS WITH SPECIAL CANDIES ARE YOUR BEST MOVES- Do not be attracted by two special candies sitting together look for two rainbow cakes or a rainbow cake and a striped ingredient are good options..also if you will play by the rules..then follow the below things...

THE BASICS includes the match stuff wherein you have to make a group or match on three' s and other is to match more than three..in which larger number will give special tiles some will clear whole lines, others will set off bombs. Along with these two things also look for matching the bonuses..in which you can 2 bonuses piece..without matching the colour.

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