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About Cooking Tale

A crazy cooking fever in the kitchen with yummy five star food and Chef Audrey! Travel and explore new towns of the world, each with a new restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, bakery or diner and cook tasty recipes ! As well as basic dishes like burger, pasta, hot dog, pizza and tasty desserts like ice cream and cake, you'll find exotic and gourmet dishes from all around the world. The Chinese prefer Deep Fried Dumplings while you'll have to scramble eggs or bake cupcakes for the English! Your mini stall might be visited anytime by different characters. A surprising illusionist and even a thief may stop by! Prepare yourself for the rush! * COOK hundreds of different DISHES! * DISCOVER amazing RESTAURANTS and TOWNS on the map! * LEARN RECIPES from around the world! * SERVE super-fun CUSTOMERS on time! * UPGRADE and BOOST your KITCHEN with brand-new tools! * CHALLENGE other CHEFS on every level! Discover the exciting map with more than 300 levels and addictive challenges. FREE to play!

Important Posts
Collect Cooking Tale Bonuses Shared By Other Players
Cooking Tale Links, Rewards And Bonuses Shared By Non-Friends And Other Users Around The World. Tips For Collecting Them: Try Collecting Latest Ones, Try Minimum Clicked Items or Bonuses
Filter Cooking Tale Non-Friend Bonuses
Filter Cooking Tale Links, Rewards And Bonus Shared By Non-Friends And Other Users To Find Necessary Items Quicker With Less Clicks. Tips For Collecting them: Type The Name Of Item You Want, If The Item Is Shared By Someone, It will Be Suggested, Click It, Then Click Filter Items, You will See All Similar Items On That Page.
Collect, Share, Submit Friends And Your Items.
Helps You To Search And Collect Cooking Tale Friends Bonuses. It Submits, Shares Your Items To This Website Which Helps You To Get Items Quicker And Levels UP Faster.
Add Friends, Neighbors, Daily Players Of Cooking Tale
Help You To Add More Cooking Tale Friends And To Share, Request More Bonus, Rewards, Materials, Gifts, Energy From Daily Players. Add Friends Here