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Below Are Gift Links For Coral Isle. Click To Open, Try All links, Updates Frequently.

Fixed ON 30-05-2020: Issue related to deletion of latest posts. You will See more number of posts,in few hours.

  1. Visit daily to claim daily dose of free stuff.
  2. If you are unable to claim gift links, refresh page and always try latest, less clicked posts.
  3. You do not need to be friends to claim or send gifts. Therefore, they are non friend bonus links.
  4. Note: Item names are a bit mess, Hover items to get details of each link.
  5. For help please use Facebook comment at bottom.
Daily Bonus, Day 4. I-ve got 2 Pearl as daily bonus. Play Coral Isle every day to get daily rewards!, ,
Daily Bonus: Bonus
2 Hours 59 Minutes ago
chocolate, Send mir Schokoladenstange als tägliches Geschenk, ,
chocolate: Bonus
18 Hours 14 Minutes ago
Fallgrube, Erfüllt! Es scheint, ist die Insel nicht so schlimm. Wenigstens essen wir hier besser als zu Hause., ,
Fallgrube: Bonus
4 Days 10 Hours ago
Der tägliche Bonus, Tag 1. Ich habe 5 Stein als täglicher Bonus bekommen. Spiel Koralleninsel jeder Tag um täglichen B, ,
Der tägliche Bonus: Bonus
4 Days 10 Hours ago

Important Tips To Help You, Claim And Share Coral Isle Gifts

  1. You can claim Coral Isle item links by just clicking on it or by using checkbox and collect button.
  2. Normally items with fewer clicks or latest items are available to claim.
  3. You can also use collect all button to auto collect all links of single page. Make sure to adjust interval time according to your system speed.
  4. All items shows the actual time when they actually generated, latest items has more chances to claim bonus.
  5. You cannot claim bonus from same link more than once. You may find some links not working. This doesn't mean that all links are not working.
  6. After reaching daily limit, you can visit again tomorrow to collect more gifts.
  7. Benefit of login using Facebook will prevent double click on same post. It will save time. After claiming items you can refresh page to see new links.
  8. To filter all Coral Isle gifts posts by clicks and names visit Coral Isle Item Filter page.
  9. Each material shared by you will be claimed by everyone and in return it gives you the same number of that item by each user. For example: (your 1 submitted item) + (has got 5 clicks by others) = (You will get 5 same material into your Coral Isle game) Remember your sharing will increase your chances to get more of same Coral Isle item.
  10. Note: Above theory works for some items or few games.
  11. Use any browser's Addon or manual option to submit. You will also earn Keys per submits. To submit your posts visit here.

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