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Posted - 2 Ws 1 H ago
Welcome to your new Farm Kitchen! (only in Country Life Meadows) Be sure to make some room on your farm first or expand your land if you purchased no expansion, because the Farm Kitchen is BIG! It opens at level 10 and you will be guided through how to use it with 3 NEW QUESTS! --------------- You can get the new Farm Kitchen ONLY on our new official address: App Page: Official Fan Page: --------------- There are 23 delicious recipes waiting for your agile cooking skills: Pancakes, Popcorn, Roasted Tomatoes, Broth, Carrot Soup, Scrambled Eggs, Onion Rings, Tomato Soup, Cheese Quiche, Mac and Cheese, Raw Pasta, Cornbread, Casserole Mixture, Vegetable Soup, Eggs and Bacon, Pizza, Banana Bread, Spaghetti Carbonara, Potato Salad, Blueberry Cheesecake, Berry Salad, Red Pepper Ravioli and Cauldron of Pumpkin Soup. — Finally, something to do with all those Onions and Green Beans! — NEW ACHIEVEMENTS! There are 7 NEW achievements to earn: Out of the Frying Pan; Large Cauldron Collider; Stock, Pot and Two Smoking Barrels; Rolling in the Dough; Master of the Pot; Way of the Oven; and Get to the Chopper!!! Some recipes use two or more cookware items, so you can work on more achievements at once! HOW DOES THE FARM KITCHEN WORK? No cooking is possible without pots and pans! Each recipe requires one or more cookware item, which you can buy from the Materials tab. Each recipe uses 1 Power that regenerates every 3 minutes, up to the maximum of 30 Power. You can wait for the Power bar to fill up, or you can buy it from the OPs tab in the Store. Spice up your recipes with Salt and Pepper for bigger Coins and XP gains! You can gift and receive Salt and Pepper from your farm friends, or you can buy it from the OPs tab in the Store. Also, some decorations are available to glamorize your Kitchen. Farm Kitchen is in beta state. Some prices and recipes might be adjusted, based on your feedback. You can get the new Farm Kitchen only on our new official address: App Page: Official Fan Page:
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Posted - 2 Ws 3 Hs ago
We Have Moved! In order to bring you new and exciting updates, we have a new address! It’s called “Country Life Meadows”. Here’s how to move: 1. Log into your game as usual and click on the “Go to NEW Address” button. You will be taken to our new place and you will have to install it as a new app. Your farm will await you there. 2. Click on “Continue as …”. That’s it! Don’t worry! Your farm, RC, Coins, OP, Level, XP, etc. will all be there! App Page: Official Fan Page: - - - - - After reading carefully your messages and suggestions, we have a few things to answer: - Once you visit your new game and we are sure that your farm is safe there, the old address won’t be available, after a transition period. - The new game saves your farm as it was when you clicked the “Go to NEW Address” button. If you continue to play both games during this transition period, what you will keep making in the old game won’t transfer to the new one. - If you’re experiencing any difficulties with this transition, message us and we’ll personally assist each one of you. - - - - - FIXED on new address: Achievement Rewards, Payments, a few minor and major bugs related to the Bees and Automation. New Update: Farm Kitchen! 23 recipes, 7 NEW Achievements!
country life
Posted - 2 years 5 months ago
Truffle Hog & White Wine! LIKE & SHARE if you like them! Get 25 RC FREE >> << Play now! We know it's been a long time since our last update and we're sorry for the technical problems you have encountered. We'd like to thank every one of you for the love and support you showed during all this time. Please accept these FREE RC as a token of our gratitude! We've been fixing a lot of bugs underneath the surface and we added a new gifting feature which should make your experience a lot more pleasant. Today's update is the first of many and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do! The truffles are especially delicious when paired with a glass of good wine. Make sure you also try the new white wine which is available starting now! Enjoy the game and let us know what you think!
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