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Dated: 7:54am on Monday 10th June 2019

Strategies About Plowing Fields, Planting Seeds, Harvesting Crops, Harvesting Trees, Selling Crops, Shopping, Earning Coins, Ranch Cash, Points And More.

Country Life has created a game in the name of Country Life which is a facebook game. This guide is full of strategies which we can adopt in the game.  It will suggest tips as to how we can win lots of money in the game and how to do well while playing the game Country Life.  Especially, for beginners this guide is very useful.

Country Life Beginners

country life

Start your Game – When installation is complete, you will be walked through a brief tutorial to get you started. There is nothing to set up since you do not have an avatar. Not having an avatar is good in a way because you do not have to wait on the avatar to plow fields. As time as you click a field it is plowed, planted, or harvested. If you had an avatar, you would have to wait on them. So, that’s the good thing about this game. So, after you finish the brief tutorial, you will be well on your way to building a nice ranch.

Plowing fields – When you have started playing Country Life, you will have desire to plant you some fields to get started. First, plant fields and then plant seeds. To start plowing fields, you will need to select the Plow tool in your bottom toolbar. Then click somewhere on your farm to plant the field. You can only plant fields if the plot turns green. If you have a red plot, that means a field cannot be plowed there. Move it to somewhere else. It will cost you 15 coins to plow one field and you will earn 1 point.

Seeds Planitng– Further, you will want to plant seeds in the fields you have plowed. If you are just getting started, you will only have clovers unlocked. After you start leveling up, you will unlock more seeds. To plant seeds, you will need to click the Store icon in your bottom toolbar. Then click the Seeds category and click the seeds you want to plant. The store will close and you will need to click a field to plant what you have selected. To plant the same thing in another field, simply click the other field. If you want to change your seeds, open the store again and select another type of seeds.

Harvesting crops – After your crops are ready, you will need to harvest them. For harvesting crops, you can click the arrow icon in your bottom toolbar. After that, click the field or fields that are ready to harvest. The crop will be collected and placed in your barn.

Harvesting trees– You can also harvest your trees in Country Life. To harvest your trees, simply click them. The trees will then be harvested and placed in your barn.

Selling crops – When you harvest your crops and trees, they will be placed in your barn. If you want to sell your crops, you will need to open your barn. Don’t be so quick to sell everything though, many things can be used to make other things like bread, jam, and wine. We will get into that a little further down in this guide. Anyway, open your barn by clicking the Barn icon in your bottom toolbar. Once the barn opens, you will see the items you have harvested. Click the sell button on the items that you want to sell. If you only want to sell a few items, adjust the number of items by using the arrows beside the number of crops you have. Then click the sell button. Your crops will be sold and the coins will be added to your total.

Moving items and fields – You can easily move items and fields anywhere you want them in Country Life. That is one of the cool things about this game. To move items and fields, click the crosshair icon in the bottom toolbar. Then click the item you want to move and move it to where you want it. You can even move planted fields. Once you have the object where you want it, click your mouse again to place it.

Deleting items – If you intend to delete items in Country Life, you will need to click the X icon in the bottom toolbar. Then click the item you want to sell. Most items, when clicked with this tool, will allow you to sell them for a small amount of coins. However, some of them won’t.

Shopping – Shopping in Country Life is a blast. There are many things to choose from in the Country Life store. To open the store, click the store icon in the bottom toolbar. Then click the category at the top of the store that you want to view. Let’s take a look at the different categories in the store.

  • Seeds– The seeds category is where you will need to go to purchase your seeds you want to plant in your fields.
  • Trees– You can buy trees to grow fruit. These fruits can then be used to create jams or sold as fruit.
  • Animals– The animals are used to produce things like milk, eggs, and wool which are needed to create things like sweaters and bread. Animals are an important part of the game. You can buy the animals by clicking the Animal tab in the store.
  • Gear– The gear category is where you will purchase things like your chicken coop, cheese maker, and other machines that produce and make things. Most of these machines require you to be on a higher level, so if you are just getting started, ask your friends to gift you some of the machines or else level up as quickly as you can.
  • Decorations– Decorations are simply items that can be bought and placed on your ranch to decorate it. The decorations really don’t offer much, just a good looking ranch.
  • Fertilizer– Fertilizers can only be purchased with ranch cash. The fertilizers range from water to soil. Buying the fertilizers will speed up the growth of your crops.
  • Expand– You have the option of expanding your ranch. Expanding your ranch can be done from the Expand category in the store.
  • Automation– This section of the store allows you to automatically harvest your items. If you have a ton of crops and trees to harvest, you can purchase an automation and it will be quickly done for you. Under this category, you will see the options for automation.


How To Play Country Life

country life

Earning Country Life coins – Coins earning in this game is a very important part of the game. The more coins you have, the more things you can buy, the more crops you can plant. There are quite a few ways to earn coins in Country Life and below you will find a list of those ways.

  • Harvesting crops– Harvesting your crops is one of the main ways to earn coins in Country Life. However, you will need to be smart when planting crops. Plant crops that bring in a high profit and can be used for other things like feeding your cows and making bread.
  • Harvesting trees– Harvesting your trees is another great way to earn coins. You can sell the harvest or you can save the fruit and use it to create jam.
  • Harvesting animals– The animals will earn you money by giving you things like milk and eggs. Again, you can sell these items or you can use them to make things like cheese and flower.
  • Creating things with your machines– Creating things like sweaters, cheese, and bread with your machines will also earn you money. A lot of these items will bring you quite a nice profit.
  • Visiting friends– Visiting your friends and helping them out will earn you coins. You will get 20 coins for each neighbor that you visit and help in Country Life.
  • Daily raffle– The daily raffle will also earn you coins. There is no set amount to how many coins you get. It is just a random number.

Earning Country Life ranch cash – The only way to earn ranch cash in Country Life is by leveling up. Every time you level up, you will earn one ranch cash. Otherwise, you will have to purchase the cash.

Buying Country Life ranch cash – You can buy ranch cash by clicking the Add Ranch Cash button at the top of the game. Once the cash page loads, you will see a drop down box in the top part of your window. Select your cash option and follow the steps to check out. You can also complete the offers to earn cash, but be careful. You should always read the fine print because there is a catch to most of the offers.

Earning Country Life points – Earning experience points in Country Life is a very important part of the game. You need to earn points in order to level up in the game. There are a few different ways to earn points in Country Life and you will find a list of those ways below.

  • Visiting friends– Visiting your friends and helping them on their ranch will earn you 5 points per friend.
  • Buying items– Buying items like hay from the store will also earn you points. The amount of points you get for these items will depend on the items.
  • Plowing fields– Plowing fields will also earn you points. Each field plowed will earn you 1 point.
  • Feeding your animals– Feeding your animals will earn you points.
  • Adding ingredients to your machines– Adding ingredients to your machines like milk will earn you points.

Leveling up in Country Life – It is significant to level up in Country Life. The higher you go, the more you will unlock. The more you unlock, the more you will make. So strive to climb levels.

Feeding cows – Feeding your cow will earn you 1 point every time you feed it. In order to feed your cow, you must have clovers in your barn. It will take one clover to feed the cow. To feed the cow, click the cow’s container and it will be filled with clover. When the clover runs out, a bottle of milk will be presented. You can feed the cow again and once it is finished, you will see another bottle of milk. Continue doing this until you have three bottles of milk. Then you can collect the milk.

Collecting milk – To collect the milk from the cow, simply click the milk bottles and they will be placed in the barn. You can then sell the milk or use them for other things like making cheese. It is best to hold onto them because using them in other things will make you a higher profit.

Making cheese – To make cheese, you will need a cheese maker. Then you will need bottles of milk. Click on the left side of the machine to add a bottle of milk to your cheese machine. Once your cheese is ready, the cheese will appear in the front part of the machine. You can then click the cheese to select it.

Making jam – To make jam, you will have to buy a Jam’r. Then you will use the grapes or the fruits from the trees and honey to create the jam. Once your jam is ready, you can click it to collect it. The jam will then be placed in your barn.

Making sweaters – In order to make sweaters, you will need a Weaver machine and a sheep. The wool from the sheep will have to be placed in the Weaver machine and then your sweater will be made.

Making ketchup – You will need to purchase a Ketchup Wiz machine in order to make ketchup. You will also need to plant and harvest tomatoes to put in the machine. Once your ketchup is ready, you can click the bottle and it will be placed in your barn. You can then sell the ketchup.

Making wine – Wine can be made by purchasing the Winemaker and growing grapes. You will need to grow and harvest grapes. Then place the grapes in the winemaker and before long you will have wine. You make more money by placing grapes in the winemaker than by placing the grapes in the jam. Once the wine is ready, you can click it to collect it and it will then be placed in your barn.

Making bread – You must have a baker in order to make bread. You will also need milk, flour, and eggs to make the bread. You place all of the ingredients in the baker and wait for the bread to get ready. Each loaf of bread will give you 285 coins.

Making flour – You will need to make flour to put in your baker. To make flour, you will need to buy a baker. Then you will need to grow wheat and place it in the baker to create the flower.

Collecting Country Life items – Collecting milk, cheese, eggs, and other ingredients is used for your machines. You can use these ingredients in your machines or you can choose to sell them. You will earn a lot more by placing them in the machines. Each machine requires different ingredients. You can find out which machine calls for which ingredients once you purchase the machines.

Beehives – Beehives are also an important part of the Country Life game. Bees from the beehive will pollinate your crops and create honey in the beehives. You can sell the honey for five coins or save them. It is best to save them because you must have honey to create jams. Honey and fruit is your two ingredients for jam.

Expanding your ranch – It is important to expand your ranch as often as you can. Expanding your ranch will allow you to add more fields and machines to your ranch. To expand your land, you will need to click the Store icon. Then you will need to click the Expand category. Next, click the first expansion in your box. You must do the expansions in order. You cannot skip around. You have the choice of expanding using coins or ranch cash. You have to have so many neighbors to use the coins option, but there are no requirements if you use the ranch cash to upgrade.

Adding neighbors – Neighbors are very helpful in this game. For one, they can send you gifts like machines and seeds. Two, you can visit them daily to earn coins and points. To add neighbors, you will need to click the My Neighbors tab at the top of the game. Then you will need to click the Add button next to the neighbor you want to add. The request will then be sent to the friend and once they accept it, they will become your friend.

Removing neighbors – If you have neighbors that you want to remove, click the My Neighbors tab at the top of the game. Then click the Remove button beside the neighbor that you want to remove. The neighbor will then be removed from your neighbor’s toolbar.

Visiting neighbors and helping out – Visiting your neighbors and helping them out will earn you coins and points. Each neighbor you visit will earn you 20 coins and 5 points. To visit a neighbor, click the neighbor in your bottom toolbar. Your game will then reload and you will be on your friend’s ranch. You will then be asked to help your friend out. Click the Accept button and you will earn your 20 coins and 5 points. Then move on to the next friend and repeat the above process. Having a lot of neighbors will really add up when visiting and helping them out.

Accepting gifts – Accepting gifts is pretty easy. You will have to go to your homepage of Facebook to see if you have any gifts. Simply click the Home link at the top of the page. Then look in the request section in the top right corner of Facebook to see if you have any gifts. If you see a link that says Other Gifts or something along those lines, click that link to see if you have any Country Life gifts. Once you are on that page, you will see if you have any gifts. If you do, click the Accept button to accept the gift. You will then be asked if you have more. If you do, click yes and you will be carried back to the request page. If you only had one gift, click the no button and your game will load.

Sending gifts – Sending gifts is a great way to help your friends. If you send them gifts, they may feel generous and do the same in return. To send a gift, you will need to click the Gift tab at the top of the game. When the page reloads, you will need to click the circle below the gift that you want to send. Then click the Send button. On the following page, you will see the names of your friends in the box. Click the box next to the friends that you want to send the gift to and click the Send button at the bottom of the box. Finally, you will see a box open and it is telling you that you chose to send the following gifts to the following friends. To send the gift, click the Send button in that box. The gift you chose will now be sent to the friends you selected and you will be redirected to your game.

Using gifts– To use your gifts, you will need to load your game. Then you will need to open your gift box. The gift box is located in your bottom toolbar. Once your gift box opens, click the gift you want to use. Then click somewhere on your ranch to place it.

Selling unwanted gifts – If you wish to sell your gifts, click the Gift Box in the bottom toolbar. Under the gifts, you will see the sell button. Click the sell button and it will show you how much you will earn, click the accept button to sell it.

Taking photos – If you want to take photos of your ranch to share with your friends, follow these instructions. Click the Camera icon in the bottom of your game. When the box opens asking if you want the game to take photos, click Accept. Then click Allow Publishing in the box that opens. Now you will need to place the square over the part of your ranch that you want to take the photo of. Click your mouse and the photo will take. A box will then pop up and you can add a caption to your photo. Then click the Accept button to publish the photo.

Zooming in/out – You can zoom in and out of your ranch using the zoom icons at the bottom of your game. Click the icon with the plus sign to zoom in and click the one with the minus sign to zoom out.

Full screen viewing – If you want to work on your ranch in full screen, you will need to click the Full Screen icon. This icon is located in the bottom toolbar. It look like two squares. Click that icon to go into full screen mode. To get out of full screen mode, you can press esc on your keyboard. Full screen is great to work in when you have a really large farm. It will allow you to get a larger view of the farm without all of the ads and other things in the game.

Saving your game – It is a good idea to save your game before closing it out. Your game automatically saves, but sometimes it may not. So, to be on the safe side, save it before closing it out. You can save your game by clicking the Save icon at the top of your game.

Hiding buildings and trees – If you have buildings and trees that seem to get in the way of you planting and plowing, you can always hide them. To hide the trees and buildings, click the tree icon at the bottom of your game. That will hide all of trees and buildings. To unhide them, you can click the icon again or you can refresh your game.

Country Life Items Comparison Chart

Profits = total profit minus expenses: Sells For – Cost
P/D = profits per day
P/H = profits per hour
P/M = profits per minute
P/S = profits per second

Country Life Strategy

country life

Grow crops for your machines – If you own machines, focus on growing crops that can be placed in the machines. These items will earn you more money.

Hold your ingredients – Do not be so quick to sell your ingredients. Most of the ingredients will earn you more money by making things like bread and cheese.

Invest in animals – Buy animals to help with the ingredients you need to make things with your machines.

Use your fruit to make jams – When you harvest your trees, you can save the fruit from the trees to make jams. Making jam will earn you a lot more than just selling the fruit.

Ask friends to send you machines – Ask your friends to send you machines in Country Life. Receiving these machines as gifts will save you money and you can start making your own cheese and other things.

Focus on the cow and cheese machine – These two items work great together. You feed the cow to get milk and then place the milk in the cheese machine to make cheese. It only takes a minute to make cheese, so this is a good way to build up your money and points.

Increase your farm – Expanding your farm is important to increase your profits. You should add more fields and plant more crops to increase your Country Life profits.

Help neighbors – As you play the game make sure you assist your Country Life neighbors by visiting them and sending gifts to them. Doing so is helpful to both of you as you’ll earn experience points in the process and your friends will be more likely to send you gifts in return.

Plant crops around your schedule – Crops mature at different rates and therefore take longer to reach harvesting age. With that in mind, you may not be able to harvest crops if your schedule doesn’t allow for it. Thus you will want to plant crops that will reach harvesting age when you are available to play Country Life. If you are unable to harvest the crops when they are ready you may lose them and your profits.

Don’t be rude – While  playing Country Life, a pop up window may appear to ask you to post to your Facebook profile to inform your friends of your gaming accomplishments. Use this sparingly as it can become quite annoying to your Facebook friends and they may hide you from their feed or unfriend you.  

Change web browsers – If your game is freezing and pages are loading slowly, you may want to try using another browser. Opera and Google Chrome are some great alternatives you may want to try.

Send invites correctly – Adding Country Life friends is important but you don’t want to send out invites to the game to people that don’t play. So make sure you include a message like “Country Life” or “Country Life add” when you send the invite.

Be a Country Life fan – Join all the Country Life groups and fan pages you can find. These are great places to add other Country Life players to increase your number of Country Life neighbors. You can post your profile to the walls of those fan pages and groups to have Country Life members add you as well.


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