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Dated: 1:24am on Friday 14th July 2017

diamond dash strategies on how to make patterns by matching same colour the goal is to match as maximum colour as possible to win bonus.

Diamond Dash is a social puzzle game. You will get 60 sec to match three or more gemstones. It's start with a giant source of colored gems. Its main objective is to eliminate gems as soon as possible. Power ups are dropped in the form of a flaming diamond. This is called Magic fire Power ups.

In order to score really high and nice do just got to follow certain tricks...

  • Hit five magic with speed, which can be detected by setting a tune rather than looking back at the board again and again.
  • Friends with hearts, practice will make you master. Hearts and links allow users to play another round. Each player starts with 5 hearts. During landing, the magic panda will give entire lives. A friend also adds equal hearts. Inside at least 6 or more which will send you given day you will be set. It is easy to gain daily lives without restoring to spamming.
  • Clean gemstones quickly- Make maximum L shaped look for two more combinations. Try to increase speed.



Basic strategy

  • Click on 3 blocks of the same color, once you will click.  Try clean away. You will get points.
  • Your goal- Achieve maximum points and reach the top of the weekly board. The higher level you achieve the more bonus points you will get added to the end of each round you play.



  • Make 3 points and win points, the trick to winning 15 to hit the biggest combination of diamond segments.
  • Hot 3 diamond, you will get 100 points if hit 4 will get jackpot and win 400 points.
  • Hit the biggest block of color will get diamonds in less color.
  • Look for more than 6 diamond blocks n will get you more points.
  • You will get the bonus once your bonus bars filled up and you will receive it and will give 10000 points.
  • Make 3 diamond bombs and you will get 2400 points.
  • Never clicks on 2 or less than combination, it will drop your points.

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