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Dated: 1:37am on Friday 14th July 2017

dice with buddies strategies to roll dice and score as high as possible.

Dice with buddies is a simple and pleasant game. you can simply think of wrapping up the game quickly but with efficiency. So follow these tricks and do the wonders.

  • Know the combination- Rules of DICE with buddies are similar to Yahtzee- You roll for five DICE and try to score as high as possible for 5's would get you 20 points, if top half exceeds 62, you'll get 35. The bottom half refer to the special combos that have specific point values assigned to them.


  • Try to complete bottom half first- We try just to make sure your bottom half is filled out as much as possible before you reach your final two or three turns.


  • Get more dice/ bonus rolls- Focus on bonus rolls/ DICE along watching videos. You will get one/ two DICE. If you match 3 of a kind, you will get specific numbers like 1, 2, 5.


  • Make good use of those bonus rolls- Usually, 200 or 250 points are enough but if you want more than racked up at least 5 or six five of a kind.

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