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Dated: 9:46am on Friday 14th July 2017

Double u casino is a card game in which we bet to other people for match if we win we can win cash and stars

Double-u casino is a great game...following steps will help you get to score really high and quickly.

1. Connect to Facebook- to save your progress without having to worry about server reset or the like wiping everything you would work so hard for. 

2. It's a mostly about the slots- There are 40 slot machines. mechanics are same whether you play this game or another winning is all about luck.

3. Unlock the slot mini-games- as a bonus tip, rolling 3 scatters pulls up a mini game...the happy snowman slots will have snowballs add upper spin, mermaid FORTUNE allows for Trident wildcards or activated the wheel of fortune for 3 scatters in a spin. 

So Have fun and play.

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