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The year is 2711.The unstable coalition of the Galactic Union has started to colonize the abandoned alien planet of Cerulea IV. Splintered and lacking guidance, the Union has broken off into warring factions. The time has come to take command, build a base, assemble an army and crush all who oppose you. Colonize the Planet - Protect your base with powerful turrets while erecting new outposts to increase your strength Fight in Real Time - Command an army of elite soldiers and epic war machines and watch them flatten your enemies’ bases Ally and Conquer - Join an alliance and fight together to amass territory Assemble an Army - Unlock powerful human and alien combat units

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Add Friends, Neighbors, Buddies Of Edgeworld
Share Free Gifts, Rewards, Help You To Achieve Higher Levels, Share Tips and Much More.
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Edgeworld: Strategy Guide And Walkthrough
Strategies About Establish Your Base, Resources, Training Your Troops, Attacking, Forming An Alliance And More.

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