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Dated: 9:32am on Friday 14th July 2017

Family Farm can create your own farm sell items completing level can give you coins and rewards

Family Farm is a simple game of fun and it is centrally focused on joint work but in order to score really well...you should be aware of certain tricks...which will help you to perform better.

  1. Avoid overlapping building- move your seaside building around so try to put these items towards the left side of the farm. Try to put trees to North machines to West your busy your snaps so they can pollinate them quickly.
  2. Building your farm for efficiency- for this tap on move tool. Start moving each box into an orderly fashion. Make sure they are all lined up as this will increase the potential. Spare your time when you add in more plots later on.
  3. Golden coins- When u get your selling items from your farm, as your animals/ machines. Send and receive gifts from neighbors that will give you more coins. super fertilizer will help you in this.
  4. Ranch cash- is expensive and not worth investing in as almost everything can be the bottom in the game with time/ coins.
  5. Production. list- look for the production time cost and sell rates.
  6. Add friends maximum on Facebook.
  7. Visiting friends will get you around 10 coins and 5xp.
  8. The run level will give 150 coins and ranch cash.
  9. Tap our ball on to earn a reward. 

so go ahead play and win.

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