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Dated: 2:01am on Tuesday 6th June 2017

Farm heroes saga strategies on how to make patterns, combos and get unlimited lives to score higher.

Farm heroes saga is an amazingly designed game by king..its a game wherein you have match three items..like crops..materials for the farm, animals, hatching chickens and even raccoons.. there are certain tricks belongs to this game of you following you will be able to score more in less time...

  • This game is designed by the people of candy crush so most of the tricks of that game is also applicable here as well..so try to make the rows of L, T shapes and also of four or five..out these I prefer 5 items row because it helps in cleaning the board quickly, four item row will spawn multipliers on crops that will come around the cleared items..

  • Try to use hero mode multiplier..if you are done with the level with spare moves use them wisely..as the game spits out a bunch of random multipliers. So don't rush in making decisions..and swipe the ones that get you the most points.

  • Rancid levels are not so hard as they seem to be..so wasting beans on them is not very wise..use beans only if you realise there is no other way out.. it will be better if you save them for boosters.. .specially the shovel for those problem crops that are stopping you from clearing a level..

  • You got to understand the beans and boosters..as the score is calculated on the basis of crop you collect..one crop is for one point whereas multiplier adds that many points or crops..so focus on multipliers..it will save your many moves..you can encase your beans to buy boosters.

  • In this game when flowers will come..you will get problems in making the matches as they appear in the middle of the board..so meet your flowers first rather than the crops...and thus lots of moves.

  • Don't run after extra moves which will cost you in hold and spending hold on moves is not a wise decision..unless you are completely fed up with level..again which is not a sure bet..so don't waste gold...

  • So if you realize you reach up to the level where you have to match eggs in there's row..be sure you allow so many eggs coming together..n then you will have to go for extra moves..rather collect them at one place and start matching..its a great strategy.

  • Staying low to the ground is the next trick...which will help you to gain new pieces and have a greater chance of getting a combo.
  • In case if you want to unlock the gates..so rather using extra moves or boosters, use gold..that will be much better and a wise step.
  • Last but not least always set your clock ahead for lives cheat...

So all the best for this game and don't forget to use these tricks.HAVE FUN.

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