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Farmville 2 A Merry Dairy: Gourd Gorge

Get More Milk..

farmville 2 a merry dairy: gourd gorge tasks

Task 1: Have 2 Adult Goat in your herd.

Solution: The more goats you have, the more milk you can get, and the higher profits you will make.

Task 2: Make 20 Feed for your Goat herd.

Solution: Your herd is growing fast. Keep up with your animals by keeping a supply of feed on herd.

Task 3: Earn 1000 coins by selling goods in the market Stand.

Solution: Crafted goods sell for more coins that crops or animals product.

Reward After Completing A Merry Dairy: Gourd Gorge

Reward after Completing Farmville 2 A Merry Dairy 3: Gourd Gorge Part 3 of 3: 3Xp and 100 coins and one rustic watering can.

farmville 2 a merry dairy: gourd gorge rewards, bonus

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