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Farmville 2 Home Cookin: Corny Cook off

Lets make Cornbread..

farmville 2 home cookin: corny cook off tasks

Task 1: Feed 4 adult goats to stockpile some milk.

Solution: You can always sell milk, but sometimes it’s best to save ingredients for recipes which yield more milk.

Task 2: Harvest 30 corn to make corn meal.

Solution: Corn meal is a base ingredient in corn bread. Craft corn in to corn meal in the kitchen.

Task 3: Make 3 corn bread to sell in the market.

Solution: Cornbread may seem low down but crafted with love, fetched a very high price!

Reward After Completing Home Cookin: Corny Cook off

Reward after Completing Farmville Home Cookin: Corny Cook-off: 38Xp and 500 coins.

farmville 2 home cookin: corny cook off rewards, bonus

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