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Farmville 2 Polar Party: Chilling Out

Get ready to jump in the frozen river!.

farmville 2 polar party: chilling out tasks

Task 1: Harvest 2 Lemon Trees or Heirloom Lemon Trees. They’re growing so well in the cold!

Solution: Water and harvest 2 Lemon trees. Ready in 12 hours

Task 2: Tend 2 Well to keep the water moving, so it won’t freeze.

Solution: Click your well 2 times when ready.

Task 3: Make 2 Lemonade or Heirloom Lemonade, nice and cold, please!

Solution: Go to kitchen and make 2 lemonades. You'll need Lemonade and lemons.

Reward After Completing Polar Party: Chilling Out

40 XP, 400 Coins and 1 Swan Wreath.

farmville 2 polar party: chilling out rewards, bonus

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