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Farmville 2 Reception Perception: Smelling Great

Crafts some goods to try and hide that farm smell!.

farmville 2 reception perception: smelling great tasks

Task 1: Collect 2 Wedding Chocolates, such a good smelling treat.

Solution: Ask friends.

Task 2: Harvest 16 Strawberries to craft with.

Solution: Plant, water and harvest 16 Straberries. ready in 24 hours

Task 3: Make 2 Strawberry Scented Bags to keep the farm smelling great!

Solution: Go to workshop andmake 2 Strawberry Scented Bags. You'll need strawberry and wool bolt.

Reward After Completing Reception Perception: Smelling Great

1 Favor, 45 Xp and 450 coins

farmville 2 reception perception: smelling great rewards, bonus

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