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Farmville 2 The Wet Stuff: That's Swell

Look at the River!.

farmville 2 the wet stuff: that's swell tasks

Task 1: Plow 1 Water Plot down by the river. Thats new and exciting!

Solution: Click at the river and then plov.

Task 2: Harvest 25 Blacked Eyed Susans while there still in season. My they're good!

Solution: Click an empty plot and then Susans, harvest when ready. takes 2 hours to grow

Task 3: Make 2 Blacked Eyed Susan Cookies. I need treats for some special people!

Solution: go to kitchen and make 2 Cookies. you need Flour and Black Eyed Susans.

Reward After Completing The Wet Stuff: That's Swell

30 Xp and 300 Coins

farmville 2 the wet stuff: that's swell rewards, bonus

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