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Farmville 2 Winter Sports: On The Ice

Time for Winter Sports!.

farmville 2 winter sports: on the ice tasks

Task 1: Place 1 Ice Skate Rental Stand for the folks who think Ice Skating is the best Winter Sport.

Solution: Place the Ice Skate Stand at your farm.

Task 2: Harvest 12 Yerba Mates; I'll show you a great Winter use for it.

Solution: Plant, water and harvest 12 Yerba Mates. Ready in 8 hours.

Task 3: Feed 2 Adult Chickens and make sure they have enough feathers to stay warm.

Solution: Feed Chicken 2 times.

Reward After Completing Winter Sports: On The Ice

30 XP and 300 Coins.

farmville 2 winter sports: on the ice rewards, bonus

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