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Posted - 2 Ws 1 D ago
Harvest ProsperyTrees and Get Farm Cash!! 1. What are ProsperyTrees? ProsperyTrees are special trees that you can purchase for dollars, which will in turn give out Farm Cash every day for a limited time. These trees will let you collect 2 Farm Cash DAILY, giving you a chance to double your investment! 2. How can I get ProsperyTrees? ProsperyTrees will only be available for purchase from January 3rd until January 6th. You can purchase them from the Farm Cash shaped icon on the right side of the game. There will be two types of ProsperyTrees: the Diamond ProsperyTree, and the Pearl ProsperyTree. 3. What is the difference between the two ProsperyTrees? The Diamond ProsperyTree costs only $15 and lasts for 90 days, allowing you to collect up to 180 Farm Cash just by harvesting it daily! The Pearl ProsperyTree, on the other hand, costs only $12, and will last for 60 days; allowing you to collect up to 120 Farm Cash just by harvesting it daily! 4. Can I purchase both trees and is there a limit on how many I can purchase? Yes, you can purchase both Diamond and Pearl ProsperyTrees, but you can only purchase up to 4 trees (regardless of type). The limit is 4 per player. For more information, visit
Posted - 2 months 2 Ws ago
Shadow Creek Transfer License is now available! ?☺️Transfer your items across the worlds now! ? Click here: Play #FarmVille Now:
Posted - 3 months 3 Ws ago
Unable ❌ to open your Farms and just seeing a ?️ blank screen? Your browser could be blocking Flash Player ⚡that’s why you might be seeing a gray or white screen. It requires Flash to play #FarmVille and you can enable ✔️ this easily. Click the article for the steps and a brighter farming experience will come your way! Thanks, Farmers! ?‍‍?
Posted - 4 months 1 W ago
Howdy, Farmers! Send the Salvador Street Horse to your dedicated neighbors and receive the Mexicana Pegasus for free. Click here for the complete walkthrough: ?‍? PLAY now by clicking this link: ?‍?
Posted - 4 months 2 Ws ago
#FelizSabado, Farmers! ?‍‍? Make your weekend extra special by having these "Highland Games" LIMITED EDITION ITEMS on your Farms! ?‍♂️?‍♀️ Click here for the complete list: ? Play FarmVille to REDEEM / AVAIL all! ?
Posted - 4 months 2 Ws ago
Start protecting your crops as the Unwither Ring for the "Samba in Rio" Farm is now AVAILABLE! ? Click here for details: ? Get it NOW: ?
Posted - 1 year 1 month ago
Games With Friends​ is now available on the App Store for iMessage! From classic, old school mini-games like TicTacToe, to new games like Ribbit Roller, each of the twelve bite-sized games will bring your thumbs all the fun! Finding friends to play is just a message away! Download and play for FREE here:
Posted - 2 years 3 months ago
Hey Farmers! Ghoul Ball is here! Collect or Craft Carved Pumpkins to redeem spooktacular rewards! <--- PLAY NOW! Don't forget to LIKE and SHARE this post to spread the word!

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