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開心水族箱是樂元素旗下第一款社交遊戲,也是Facebook乃至全球首款養魚類社交遊戲。開心水族箱的每一天,都在為全球340萬用戶創造快樂、傳遞著友情與溫馨。 這裡充滿愛:在主人與好友的精心照料下,絢麗多姿的魚兒們自在成長;這裡很有趣:獨特的寵物們各司其職、各有神通;這裡有喜悅:魚兒會產下各式璀璨寶物,滿足收集樂趣;這裡唯美奇幻:外太空養魚,也可以看魚兒們遨遊在夏日音樂夜裡……這裡更是一個好友互動平臺:與好友浪漫互動的接吻魚,時時更新的免費好禮,幫助好友喂魚、撿垃圾、開寶箱……隨時隨地,使友情增溫。 歡迎來到開心水族箱,與全球魚友一起,共用休閒時刻的完美樂趣。更多玩法、無限精彩,等您發現!

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Collect, Share, Submit Friends And Your Items.
Helps You To Search And Collect 開心水族箱 Friends Bonuses. It Submits, Shares Your Items To This Website Which Helps You To Get Items Quicker And Levels UP Faster.
Daily Friends Who Sends Gifts For 開心水族箱
Help You To Achieve Higher Levels Easily.
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