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Dated: 7:54am on Monday 10th June 2019

Tips, Tricks, Tutorial, Guide, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) To Get More Money, To Unlock X Flower, To Expand And More.

flower shop

This new game Flower Shop is going popular day by day.  Although it is three months old but it would surely touch the minds of the people. But as this is new game, people do not know much about this. So, basic information is required to be shared with them. I bring you the details of the game and try to solve some difficult queries and questions. So, the same is divided into two parts: The Tutorial and Basic Information, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Hints, Tips, and Tricks.  

1. I keep running out of vases. How to get enough vases/extras?

Reply to this question is “don’t buy them” but that’s really bad advice. Every time I play I just continuously buy the fastest 5 minute vases and the 10 minute Thank You cards. I keep buying them while I have got Flower Shop playing in a back window, while I do other, ‘significant’ things like my homework or watching YouTube videos. Either I check it every so often or it honks, so I know to go back and buy more. Then, when I’m going to sleep or going to be away for a while, I purchase the more expensive vases, and save those for only the best flowers that I have (like Stargazer Lilies, which sell on their own for $53 a bundle)

2. How to do unlocking X flower?

The Flowers can be unlocked by leveling up and completing goals. Below are the list of Flowers.

  • Peruvian Lilies – Hire a Temp 5 Times.
  • Poinsettias – Expand your Shop Once.
  • Pink Tulips – Pick Pink Tulips from Vivian’s garden. (Vivian is the level 80 default neighbor.)
  • Chrysanthemums - Play Flower Shop four days in a row.
  • Camellias – Expand your Garden Once (only received after unlocking Poinsettias via expanding your shop).
  • Daffodils – Wish Happy Birthday to 3 separate friends.
  • Hydrangeas – After completing the goal for ordering Thank You Cards, complete the chocolate goal of selling 210 chocolates.
  • Dahlias – After completing the goals to get 5 cups of coffee and then 10 cups of coffee from your friends (for a total of 15,) you will get the Addicted to Coffee goal with Dahlias as the reward. Receive 50 cups of coffee from friends.
  • Trumpet Vines –  Complete the ‘Will Work for XP’ goal by visiting friends 250 times. The Goodie Goodie goal comes after that. Visit friends 500 times and you will trumpet vines.

3. How more money can be acquired?

When you level up you get access to flowers that are extremely cost-effective. Right now the favorite of my sister’s are Calla Lilies. I keep my crop field a rotation of the 12 hour, 18 hour, 1, 2, 2.5, and 3 day flowers. This way every so often I will have a lot of good flowers. However, I also keep a small patch open for flowers that take one or so hours to grow so I have something to sell in the off time. If you don’t have any flowers to sell, don’t sweat it– you can either go to your friends and take some of their flowers, or stock up on extras and vases! Also, save up your money. Invest back into your business, and not so much into your avatar or what your shop looks like (unless you’re expanding it).

4. Why X flower cannot be grown?

As certain flowers are seasonal, so you wil not be able to grow them until the season comes again.

5. I keep making arrangements, but before I can finish the next one the first one is gone! How will I ever get full shelves?

There are two solutions to this. 1. Wait until you have a few arrangements (preferably over 40 or 50 flowers) and then open them for buying at the same time, or 2. Hire a temp/full-time employee and have at it! You will have two extra hands and will get twice as much work done in the same amount of time.

6. What are these cacti I am hearing about?

You are allowed to build a greenhouse only at around 30 level. Inside a greenhouse you can grow certain kinds of flowers, and they last up to 72 hours before they die out! Be careful, though– they require their own separate vases to grow. The greenhouse also costs quite a lot to build —  $80,000. But over time that won’t seem like such a big sum.

7. Is it worth it to expand your shop?

I’m level 35 and have not yet. I have made do with 4 display cases of 80 flowers each. However, some prefer to go the quantity route and have a bunch of cheap display cases in a larger shop. If you go this route, I would recommend having a reliable part-time employee or buying your own full-time one (99 Facebook credits). 


8. Although I do not have many friends but still I intend to upgrade my flower storage. What should I do for this?

What I did was I added friends from Facebook, and put them in a list called “Games.” These people don’t have access to any other part of my account other than game posts, and I get only their game posts. You can find them all over, especially on Flower Shop’s page, asking for more neighbors. If you don’t want to do that, you can either wait for a really long time, or buy some  facebook credits and spend them on your storage. (If you go this route, I recommend completing the windows and fences first– making sure you have five windows and ten fence posts. The more parts you get, the less credits it costs you– and since getting 5/5 windows is a lot easier than getting 25/25 nails, you’ll cut down the cost a lot faster.)

9. Is it worth it to expand your garden?

Yes. Even if you do not have a flower storage, you can grow flowers that take a few days to grow in the extra space. Then you don’t need as much flower storage, but still reap the benefits!

10. Is there any problem in displaying more than 50 flowers? 

Yes. If you upgrade your display cases, you will be able to display more flower arrangements. Generally it goes up by 10 flowers per display. The cases I use hold 80 and cost 6,000. It is a good investment in the long run, because you can make more money and spend less time constantly checking the game.


11. My Avatar is hella ugly.

You can edit your avatar by clicking on your little avatar’s image and clicking edit. You can change the skin color, eyes, hair, and clothes of your avatar. Some cost game money and some are free. However, all are available to you.



Either be patient, or speed up your avatar with coffee from your friends (or you can buy it for Facebook credits). If they give you coffee, you can unlock money and flowers!

flower shop

13. How do I display my vases and thank you cards?

When you go to create an arrangement, choose the type of flower.

 flower shop

Then at the top of the window you will see 1) Flowers 2) Vases 3) Extras.

 flower shop

Click on 2) Vases and then select the vase you want your flowers to go into.

 flower shop

flower shop

Then go to 3) Extras and select the thank you cards.

 flower shop


Only after selecting all these should you raise the number of how many you want (otherwise it will go back down to the default 10).

flower shop

14. What’s the variety/worth/profit of certain flowers?

The profit has been calculated as such: Amount a Flower Sells For x # of Flowers Harvested (so Carnations would have 30, Calla Lilies would have 10) – Cost It Takes to Plant a Flower.






Profit Per Hour

Stargazer Lilies






Iceland Poppies






Calla Lilies

























































Trumpet Vine























Peruvian Lilies




15 Minutes




5 Minutes

 15. What is the way to sell furniture/flower displays?

You should go to the market tab and click on a furniture option. Then click on one of your furniture, or hit the arrow that’s next to the delivery tab above market and select the move arrow. Once you have picked up an item of furniture, you can either drag it down to the market area to put it in “storage” or drag it to a cash register which will appear just above the market tab to sell it.

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