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About Football Identity

Join the most engaging online football (soccer) game and community in the world! Take on the role of a football player or manager in a world where every player and manager is controlled by real people. Train every day, sign with a team and start preparing for the next league match together with your team mates. Matches are played twice per week in a turn-based football game that creates emotions never seen in online gaming before. Be the one who plays that perfect pass to your team mate in front of goal, score the important equalizer but make sure you are not the one that loses those three points for your team. Footballidentity (FID) is not a brainless game for the short term enjoyment; it is a thinking person’s game requiring short and long term tactical and strategic thinking and an ability to cooperate with other people online. This online football “chess game” already has one of the most committed communities in the world, make sure you're not left out!

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