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Dated: 7:54am on Monday 10th June 2019

Strategies About Energy, XP, Reputation, Total Score, Hints, Thermometer, Flash, Bonuses, Quests, Building, Upgrading, Garden Space And More.

gardens of time

Details of Tips and Tricks for the game Gardens of Time which has been developed by Playdom. The details information about the basics and how to play the game in a simple way. Hope this will certainly help the beginners who want to play this game.

 gardens of time

Understanding the Cycle


  • You should use Temporal Energy to power your Time Machine and visit exotic locations! 
  • Needed to enter scenes or stages and gain Silvers and XP. 
  • You can also gather 20 energy by visiting your neighbors per 24 hours. 
  • Energy will refreshed every 3 minutes. 3 Hours to complete 60 Energy. 
  • You can only use up to 10 Energy Cans (50 Energy) per 24 hours.


XP or Experience 

  • Earn XP from completing scenes, quests, neighbor visits and Buildings. 
  • New levels unlock new Artifacts, Buildings and Decorations.



  • To unlock more scenes or stages. More Reputation means more places to travel. 
  • Artifacts, Buildings, Decorations and Wonders contribute to your available Reputation. 
  • Construction takes time, Once the artifact is completed, your reputation will increase.


Know How Scores are Calculated

Total Score 

  • Base Score - Objects Found 
  • Chain Bonus - Chain Combos 
  • Base and Chain Bonuses are automatically calculated while progressing. 
  • Time Bonus- Time Completed 
  • Skill Bonus - No Hints USED! 
  • Time and Skill Bonuses are added after finishing the scene.


Use of Hints in Game

  • Using Hints will decrease you overall score. 
  • Use them only if you can't really find an item or to familiarize yourself with the items that are new to you.

 gardens of time

Goggles Hint 

  • When your goggles are over a hidden object, the object will glow.


Thermometer Hint 

  • This can be used it to detect the heat tracing of hidden objects. The name of the object glows red when you're close.


Flash Hint 

  • This can be used it to show the location of hidden objects. All hidden objects will be revealed for a short time!


How to get into the High Score Ranks 

  • You need to find and click all the objects asked as fast as you can while keeping your chain combos up and without using any Hints. 
  • This will require you to revisit the scene to practice and familiarize yourself. 
  • With this method, you can get up to 500,000 to 600,000+ Score! 
  • If you cannot get into the Rankings, don't worry it's totally optional though.


Tips, Tricks and Hints


  • Daily Bonus, click on collect at the "The Daily Victorian". 
  • Visit up to 20 neighbors per 24 hours for free XP, Silvers and Energy. 
  • Help 20 neighbors by doing Blitz Scenes. 

 gardens of time

  • Blitz Scenes are extra scenes that you can play when you click on the explanation mark above a visitor's head in another neighbor's garden. Rewards: 100 XP and Silvers. 
  • Blitz Scenes doesn't require Energy and you don't really need to complete all the hidden objects to get an exceptional reward. The XP gain is fixed to 100 per Blitz. 
  • Click on the Profile Pictures of your friends who are roaming around your garden. 
  • Send Free Gifts to gain free gifts from your friends. 
  • Help Out your neighbors by giving materials to collect some Silvers. 
  • Collects bonuses from your Wall or from your friend's Facebook Wall. 
  • Spin your luck on the 5th day and get a chance to win Gold! NEW!
  • The New "Five Day Bonus Wheel"! NEW!



  • Use the quest guide at the left side of your game screen. 
  • Complete quests that will unlock new scenes or the Main Story Quests. 
  • Complete quests that will unlock a wonder for your garden. 
  • Complete quests that are related to your neighbors. 
  • Ignore other quests. Yes, because you will spend more than the reward that you will get. Plus, It will give you much more space for more reputation.


Building and Upgrading 

  • Only build artifacts, buildings, and wonders to unlock new scenes. 
  • Only build Artifacts and Buildings that will yield best reputation results.
  • Upgrade your buildings to level 5 for more Reputation bonuses! NEW! 
  • Stop building if you don't have any quest that requires you to unlock a particular scene to conserve your Silvers and garden space. 
  • First Wonder that you can get after completing Chapter 1: Big Ben 
  • Upgrade your Wonders to get a huge Reputation boost up to Lvl 5. 
  • Wonders will require a number of active neighbors to complete.


Garden Space 

  • Use the Grid Expand feature at your Build Mode. Up to 28x28 Garden Space. 
  • If you do not have any space available at your garden, sell your decorations and paths because they give the least reputations. Just leave at least 1 or 2 paths for your people to roam. Preferably near your garden's entrance gate. 
  • If you need more space, sell artifacts or buildings that gives the least reputations.



  • If you want to replay a scene, choose the newest scene to get the highest XP. 
  • Your energy will refill every after level up so it's better to use them all up first before gaining any XP (from new buildings, upgrades or neighbor visits). 
  • It is would be good to play at fullscreen (other monitors or HDTVs brightens up dark areas).


Actual Reputation Guide 

gardens of time

  • Go to Reputation Bar through your mouse. 
  • Based on the pic above, you need 440 more Reputation. Then below it, it says you will be able to get 360 Reputation after 15 minutes. 
  • To clear out the confusion, all you need to do is to subtract 360 from 440. 
  • 440-360 = 80 The actual Reputation needed to unlock London Groovy Flat.

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