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Dated: 3:47am on Friday 14th July 2017

genies and gems strategies on how to make match same colour gems and have unlimited time so first analyze then do.

Genius and gems is a challenging game where achievement really matters...so rather than spending hours and hours looking for shortcut...here are certain tips for you...it is a game which allows you to recover relics, gold Bars and enchanted keys and you will also have to avoid cursed stones and free caged gems.


  • About the special pieces- A match of 4 in line will give a line breaker which takes out horizontally or well vertically. A T- shaped will give you an X- breaker. An L- shape match creates a special breaker. If 5 matches it will give you a rainbow gem.
  • How do butterflies work- Butterflies will give a free pass. Paws can be mess match but butterflies do not. You can get it by matching in a square form and then convert these into a butterfly.
  • Don't rush your moves- There is no time limit so don't rush, first analyze and then do.
  • Be efficient- Being efficient is always a move. Once you have cleared the objective, any left over a piece will be transformed into a special piece on the board. The more you have, the more piece you get and thus more points you can earn.

            so go for these tricks n enjoy.

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