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Tips, Tricks, Walkthrough, Quick Tutorial To Get More Powerful

The following tips would be helpful to newbie :

How to get more powerful :

  • Fortifying and Refining your Equipment
  • Upgrade or Equip your S. Weapon
  • Level up your Tailed Beast
  • Recruit new, more powerful ninja from the Bar or the S. Ninja window
  • Inlay jade (Equipping jade to gear)
  • Gaining S.Ability
  • Equip level up accessories
  • Potency pill
  • Ranking up your ninja
  • Leveling your ninja
  • Guild stat bonuses



Since there is this cool down and cost you may want to consider prioritizing your fortifications to this order as you level:

  • Begin with your vanguard, fortify their Headband, Belt, and Armor gear a bit. This will allow you to take hits and survive giving your assaulters time to kill your opponent.
  • Next power up your assaulter, focus on their Weapon and Boots. This gives them the speed to go first and the damage output to kill your opponent. If you go up against a lot of sasuke's or other ninja who hit the assault line directly consider adding Belt to this step.
  • Go back and beef up your vanguard, get their Cloak upgraded so that they take hits from genjutsu users.
  • If you have a support by now, upgrade their Weapon and Boots. For support characters who have heals upgrading their weapon increases the heal amount, and you want them to go first so that your heal lands on the tank before your enemy can use their 90% heal reduction skill.
  • The rest you can fortify at your leisure.


  • Genjutsu (assaulter) - Chakra, and one of these (power, agility, hit, crit). Chakra is the main stat for ALL genjutsu ninja, it improves damage, healing, strategy defense.
  • Genjutsu (support) - Chakra and Agility. It is vital that your supports hit quickly and hard or heal a lot.
  • Taijutsu - Force and one of these (power, agility, hit, crit) Force is the main stat for Taijutsu and Ninjutsu ninja, it improves damage and physical defense.
  • Ninjutsu - Force and one of these (power, agility, hit, crit) Force is the main stat for Taijutsu and Ninjutsu ninja, it improves damage and physical defense.
  • Vanguard - Power and one of these (force, block, dodge, chakra) Power is HP the main stat for Vanguard ninja, the secondary choices should change depending on which Vanguard you currently are using.



Weapons are obtained through the Realms, in the Realms you fight against elite teams of ninja that will be challenging for you. Each fight you succeed at will cost you 3 vitality. When you win you will receive 1 of 4 S. Weapons for that tier. Upgrading your S. Weapon will cost you either Gold, Upgrade coupons, or more of the same type of S. Weapon.



Your tailed beast adds stats (Force, Chakra, Speed, Power) to your whole team when you are doing pvp events or arena.


Jades are one of the most important aspects to being powerful in this game, they give major % increases to all stats.

Jades can be acquired via; events, treasure hunts, treasure talismans, check-in rewards, and are purchase-able from the mall.


S.Ability is gained every time you complete a new stage or trial, from your daily salary, from the Beast events, and from Top-up or Cool events.You can use S.Ability on your S.Ability scroll, progress made on these scrolls increases your main characters stat gains per level. You also unlock new moves for your main character at intervals along the scroll. Once you reach the end of the scroll your ninja gets their color upgraded from Green to Blue, from Blue to Purple, from Purple to Yellow, etc.


You get 3 free spins everyday so make sure you do them. After the initial 3 spins they cost 100,000 silver per spin, though you get silver back if you lose. Getting 2 symbols to match generally grants you one level in that stat (but when your level is high, you will only get 50% of a level and less and less each time), matching 3 symbols grants you a large boost to that stat.


Available through Ninja Crusade(level 40). Each accessory have different attribute. Equip all of them will greatly boost your bp. Do not forget to upgrade your accessories level.


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