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Dated: 3:06am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Strategy Guide About Game Objectives, Map, Lives, Relics, Power Ups, Gold And More.

jewel quest

Know About Jewel Quest

Jewel Quest is the creation of iwin, Inc. This is a match-3 puzzle game. In this game, you match up same-colored gems in columns of three or more to turn the “sandy” tiles on the board into gold. It is not a simple task, though, since there are traps and tricks galore that aim to keep you from achieving your goal. We bring you this guide which contains tips, hints, information, and tricks for well playing the game and better understanding the game.

Begin Your Game

 jewel quest

  • Jewel Quest game can be played without any cost as it is free to play. You can download it by clicking the “Play Now!” button at the top of the page.
  • As you start the game, you sit through a quick story introduction and a tutorial.
  • When the tutorial is finished, you can roam the world and start matching gems.

Know How to Play the Game

jewel quest

  • Objective of the Game:  You play through Jewel Quest as an archeologist looking to uncover and explore the world’s most fantastic ruins. Exploring said ruins actually involves matching up rows of three gems or more on game boards, thus turning the sandy tiles into gold. When all the tiles are golden, you move on to the next level.
  • Purpose of Map : Jewel Quest‘s maps track where you have been, and where you can go. You can enter new levels using the map, or re-visit levels you’ve already completed in hopes of getting a better score.
  • Lives : When you fail to clear a board in Jewel Quest each and everytime, you lose a life. You also lose a life if you give up on a board before you complete it. Lives are restored after a waiting period. 
  • Relics Store :  There is an option “Relics” at the top of the map screen. You should tap it to visit the Relics store. You can buy permanent power-ups for a certain amount of coins.
  • Settings :  There is a gear icon on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. You should tap it to open up the game’s settings. From here, you can adjust the sound, music, and log into social media options like Facebook.

Mind Your Goal

 jewel quest

  • Choosing Power-Ups : You are afforded an opportunity to choose power-ups (boosts) before you begin playing a board. You can also purchase boosts with coins if you donot have any on-hand.
  • Requirements of Level Completion : Your goal is listed in the set-up screen that precedes each board. Keep it in mind.
  • Limited Moves : Some levels in Jewel Quest need you to meet all the necessary requirements within a limited amount of moves. Your move meter depletes every time you swap gems.
  • Limited Time : Other levels require you to finish them within a certain amount of time. The counter begins ticking down from the word “Go,” so think quickly!

Turn Sand into Gold

 jewel quest

  • Match Three or More : When you match three or more gems in a row or column, the sand tiles beneath those gems turn into gold. Regardless of any other goals, you always need to turn the entire board gold before you can move to the next level.
  • Locked Tiles : Some tiles are locked, which means you can’t turn them into gold until they are unlocked. Match three key tiles to get rid of one lock.
  • Gem Slots  : Some boards require you to fit certain gems into matching slots. The relevant gem must be adjacent to the slot before you can swipe it in.
  • Resource Jewels : Certain boards will ask you to collect resource jewels. Simply bring these special jewels to the bottom of the screen to complete the task. You usually need to collect more than one.


 jewel quest

  • When Things Get Rough : Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to complete a level without a helping hand. If you’re having a rough time with a particular level, try selecting and/or buying some power-ups. Choices include gold dust, which turns all surrounding tiles gold when used, and keys that open up a few random locked tiles.

In-App Purchases

 jewel quest

  • Use of Midas Touch :  In case you match three lion head coins, you earna Midas Touch. You can use the Midas Touch to turn one tile into gold instantly (one tile per each touch). You can also purchase Midas Touches through in-app purchasing.
  • Buying more Time :  In case you run out of time on a particular level, you can buy more time with a micro transaction.
  • Buying more Moves : In case you run out of moves on a particular level, you can buy more with a micro transaction.
  • Use of  Coins : Coins in Jewel Quest are used to buy power-ups and relics. You earn them as you play, but you can also purchase some with cash.


 jewel quest

  • Log In With Facebook : In case you log into Jewel Quest using your Facebook ID, you can keep track of your friends’ scores. You will also earn a permanent addition to your lives bank, and 1,000 coins.

Important Tips and Tricks

 jewel quest

  • Power-Up Need? Use of Keys : In case of any trouble on a level that offers keys as a power-up, buy one. Keys eliminate a few tiles when you start the level, which saves you big-time on precious time or moves.
  • Ignoring of Suggestions : In case you do not make a move on the board for some time, the game will advice how you should move next. More often than not, these moves do little to help you meet your actual goal(s). It would be good to ignore them unless you are really stuck.
  • Do not Hoard the Midas Touch : You cannot carry Midas Touches across levels, so if you have got ‘em, use ‘em.


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