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Dated: 4:26am on Friday 14th July 2017

juice jam strategies on how to make pattern to match same fruits and get more coins to score higher.

Juice jam is an enjoyable and fun loving game full of zeal and laugh..though spending time is fun but I am sure you want to waste the time unnecessarily...there are certain 5 tricks for you..to clear a level with 3-star ratings...

  • Focus on creating special pieces- Focus a Juice jam, create special pieces, clear the board faster. If match 4 pieces gets you a blaster, in square form it will create a rocket, if match 5 will get rainbow pieces, 6 will get super magnet etc;
  • No time limit at all- Since there is no time limit do not rush at all four on best moves rather than the fastest move.
  • Left over moves will get blasters- FOR each unused moves, you will get a free blaster which will improve your score and take it to three levels.
  • Work quickly while leaving hurdles- Look out empty cake time which you will select. Try to get them by making matches to them. The longer those tons stay on the board, the less fruit to work with.
  • Handling those bees- Your customer may request honey- by simply matching 3 or more need then save the Lang by making a standard match on top of panels. Do not match if no one is asking you to create honey.

                                   best of luck n enjoy

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