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Dated: 7:52am on Monday 10th June 2019

List Of Common Frequently Asked Questions Relating About Co-star, Date, Break Up, Gold Heart, Stars, Character Name, Sell House, Move Pet Etc.


Q: How do I co-star with someone?
A: To add a contact to be your co-star, during your photo shoot or appearance, tap on the kim kardashian hollywood . Your contacts list will pop up and you can call anyone you want to co-star. If you try to co-star with someone who is a love interest to you, they will revert to being a co-worker rather than a love interest and you cannot call them on anymore dates.

The progress you do on YOUR game will not affect their game and vice-versa. Completing projects with co-stars will let you complete achievements and you'll receive rewards.

Q: How do I go on a date?
A: Dating is required to raise up your relationship meter. To call someone on a date, go to any of the clubs and restaurants and find the kim kardashian hollywood . Tap it and your contact list will come up. You will only be able to call love interests which are represented by a heart next to their name, and real-life contacts. Select who you wish to date. Once selected this will divert you back to the location but this time your chosen date will be there. Tap on their speech bubble and select "Start Date".

Every heart received from completing the dating actions counts as one point towards your relationship meter.

The progress you do on YOUR game will not affect their game and vice-versa.

Q: My date keeps breaking up with me?
A: In order to maintain your relationship you must date daily. If you do not have the time to due to projects, you can also just leave them at a dating point. You can do this by calling them for a date andnot clicking on the speech bubble. They will wait there for as long as you leave them there. Just remember where you left them and not to start any dates anywhere else otherwise they will call to break up. 

Q: How do I Break up with someone?
A: You can break up with someone by tapping the icon above at one of the dating locations, like you would a date and select "Break up". You can make up with contacts but this will cost stars so be careful when breaking up with NPC's. 

Q: What are the gold hearts and stars symbols on clothing in the wardrobe?
A: The Gold Stars on clothing give points towards your Star Power, which if you have enough will give you a bonus gold star on projects. This means you only have to fill 4 Blue Stars.

The Gold Hearts work the same but on dates, meaning you only have to fill 4 Hearts. Also your date will insult your outfit if your score is low.

Your current score for both Gold Stars and Gold Hearts is displayed to the left of your character in the wardrobe. You can improve it by purchasing items in the wardrobe, cars, and furniture that have these symbols on them.

Q: Can I change my character's name?
A: No. Once you have entered your name at your first photoshoot with Kim, you cannot change it. If your name is blank, the only reason is that you tapped something too fast while imputing the name and it didn't go through. ALWAYS be careful when imputing important information like your name.

The only way you can is by resetting your game and starting over.

Q: Can I sell my house?
A: Unfortunately no, you cannot sell your houses.

Q: Can I move my pets to my new home?
A: Unfortunately no, you cannot move your pets. They are assigned to each individual home.

Q: I should have gotten a call but it still says "available soon" with no call! Why?
A: If you currently have another project running, you will not get any calls for projects. You can check for sure if you are in the middle of a project by checking your goals on the side of your screen or by checking all studios, restaurants & bars.

Q: My friend's appearance, name and rank keep changing! Why and how can I fix it?
A: It's a connection issue, there is no way for players to fix it. 

Glu are always trying to work with Apple to find ways of improving the Game Center servers, so the connection stays. Currently it transfers a bit of information and drops out, hence the change in appearance, name and rank constantly. Hopefully, enough stability can be added to make this less of an issue, but for now Glu recommend players to always use wifi to play, instead of mobile network.

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