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Dated: 7:52am on Monday 10th June 2019

Strategies About Gathering Resources, Endgame Strategy, The Results.

kingdoms of camelot

We use a number of different strategies as we all want to maximize our resource gathering. In my view, it is very helpful in the game. Hence,  to strengthen my views, I will give some points here.


How to get as much Wood, Stone and Ore as quickly as possible.

 kingdoms of camelot

It is noticed that it makes sense to divide your resources amongst your cities. When your resource gathering has reached it is maximum, transport those resources from one city to another.



When you pass 3-4mil might, you will start to notice that armies eat a lot of food. You will want to convert all field tiles to farms - all of them. You will also want all level 10 food wilds in your wild controlled lists. If you need ore/wood/stone, you should be stealing it from lesser lords and ladies. You will also want to be farming barb camps to meet your ever growing food requirements.

For the purpose of safety, you will want most of your resources in one city and have most of your army defending in that city. You are looking for around 300k archers, 200k pikemen, 20-30k ballista, and other support troops. You need to be essentially invulnerable to 100k hcav attacks, and that's about what it takes. People can still break in with multiple waves of 100k troops, but it becomes increasingly unlikely as your archer reserves start heading north of 500k.

If you feel more adventurous, you can station troops in your other cities to the point where your food income becomes slightly negative (around 130k archers). This will prevent you from being able to farm over your food cap for a city (aka you waste less food). But make sure your 'bank' city is very well defended. In this strategy you should still have the vast majority of your resources in your 'bank' city - never keep more than you need for troops and building in any non-bank city.


The Results

I have a production rate of nearly 500K in food per hour, and the other resources are over 300K per hour. The capacity of my food resource is almost 10 Million, and my other resource limits are above 5 Million a piece.  I started using this tactic, I had to build 500 wagons in order to haul nearly 5 million in resources each time it neared capacity.

By using this useful and helpful details and information, it is sure that you will be surprised and happy on your resources that build up very fast. People may recommend a "minimal" approach so that others do not steal your resources but my theory is different. As we must produce enough resources as if somebody steal it, we will not bother about this.

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