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Dated: 3:05am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Strategy Guide About Choosing Rats, Quick Duels, Laborats, Missions, Rat Card Sides, Types Of Rats, Store, Free Gifts And More.


The Game Laboratz is very simple to play.  In this game, you have to fight other players using your rats. Finally, at the end of the duel,  the winner is who has the most rats of his color as compared to other players. The mechanics can be said to be the similar to a tic-tac-toe.

Know about Mechanics 


When you win five matches in the game, you will increase your grade/level by 1.

Choosing Rats : Rats are chosen randomly. But will always be chosen from the team you customize in your lab.

The mechanics are identical to a tic tac toe game. You will play in a 9 square board. Your goal is to end the game having more rats cards from your side than the opposite player. In order to do this, you have to turn over the opponent’s card by defeating the card’s side scores. Some cards also have elements, see the element chain below.

The rat card that is turned over not only changes its color, but also the rat type and their scoring.

Know about Quick Duels

In Quick Duels you fight against a random facebook player. Sometimes you start dragging a card first, sometimes not. The bad thing about these duels is that you have chances of getting matched with a player that has a much higher grade than you, that guarantees a lost battle. Each time you win, you get  pulls, ranking points and weekly points.

Weekly Tournaments

There are weekly tournaments which are made of active players that are your friends in facebook. However, no need to duel them to get rank points, simply do win quick duels to do so. You cannot participate in the tournament of the week unless 3 of your friends have played laboratz in the last week.

Know About Laborats Strategy Tips

You should always pay attention to the cards that remain in your opponent’s deck, you can see all numbers and even the card element.


How to unlock new rats? Its simple. Just complete missions featured in the hall to obtain flasks, every 3 flasks you will get a new card.

Rat Card Sides

The best rat cards can capture multiple opponent’s rat cards because several sides have high points.


Each rat card belongs to different elements. There are three elements such as,  Mechanical, Mutant and Radioactive. Each element has its strengths and weaknesses over the others [there are also Neutral cards, which have no elements]. As you can see in the graphic above Mechanical beats Mutant, Mutant beats Radioactive and Radioactive beats Mechanical. Elements play an important role when both cards have the same score on opposing sides. The card that gets element-defeated will get their score reduced by 1 point.

Improving  Rat Cards – The Lab

In the lab, you can improve your Rat Cards and customize your team. In order to upgrade a rat card, you need Pills. What each upgrade does is to increase one of the rat card’s sides, increasing the score by 1 point. The max amount of time a rat can be upgraded is 5 times.

It takes time to upgrade, and the higher level the Rat is, the more time it takes to complete the upgrade, and of course, it gets more expensive in terms of pills

There is a “recycling” icon at the bottom bar, by this you can customize your rat team by clicking on this icon. The team will get emptied and you will have to choose the rats you want included. At first it seems to make no sense, but as the game progresses, you will have a lot more than just 9 cards to choose from. You can even sell the weakest rats you are not planning to evolve.

Types of Rat

There are a number of different rats in the game. All of them have a rarity, and the rarer a card the stronger it is. Not all rats have an element though, some are neutral, which is good, since these cards cannot be defeated by using elements. Besides that, Rats do not have special skills, only scores on their sides. The developers had no choice to give them identities unless they wanted the game to look really boring.

Notice that some Ratz actually evolve into a different Rat after upgrading it a certain number of times.

There is another great feature like you can trade rats with facebook friends that play the game.

Features of Store

The store features different rat packs with different prices. You can even purchase important rats that are only available through hard currency purchases. Below are all the packs you can currently buy with premium coins;

  • Booster: special rats: 3
  • Super Booster: 4 special rats, 2 rare rats
  • Mega Booster: 3 special rats, 5 rare rats and 1 very rare rat
  • Final Booster: 15 special rats, 10 rare rats, 5 very rare rats.

You can also buy boosters, which are items that increase your team’s stats. The ones currently available are Frankestein Bundle, Zookeeper Bundle, Hollywood Bundle, Fairytale Bundle,

How to Get Free Gifts

If you do not know how to get free coins and free pills in Laboratz, the best option you can do is log in daily to the game, for each consecutive day you log in, the prize will get better [this is up to 5 days, after which you start the chain all over again].

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