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Dated: 3:07am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Tips To Earn Precious Green Tokens Command Points (CP) Without Spending Your Hard-Earned Real Money In Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics


Need Command Points (CP)? Welcome to the best Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics CP farming guide.

Players from Marvel Avengers Alliance will recognize Command Points, aka CP. The currency makes a comeback in Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics, and once again it’s used to purchase playable heroes and agents. Of course, Playdom would prefer you just buy gold and convert it to CP, but this guide is going to show you how to earn these precious green tokens without spending your hard-earned real life money.


Earning CP in Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics

marvel avengers alliance tactics

CP: You can never have enough.

There are three main ways to farm CP. Keep in mind that there is no “fast” way other than buying CP. You will have to play the same battles over and over no matter which route you take.

  • Grind assignments (all the way through): the last step of the assignment gives 1 CP guaranteed
  • Defeat a mini boss or bossfor a random chance at winning CP
  • Buy them using gold(but that’s for suckers)


Method #1: Fast and Easy

In the first CP farming method, you’ll replay the first two steps of Assignment 3 (Red Skull) over and over. At just 10 energy to the roulette, this is the fastest and most energy-efficient CP farming strategy.

  1. Start Assignment 3
  2. Complete the Flight Deck step (use a 3 minute mission)
  3. Jump over to the Viper fight
  4. Kill Power Armor as fast as you can (just focus on him, the rest don’t matter)
  5. Collect mini boss roulette prize (hopefully you win CP)
  6. Immediately restart Assignment 3 and rinse/repeat

 marvel avengers alliance tactics

Re-Launch that sucker and do it again (and again and again)


  • Only uses 10 energy
  • Fastest method, about 5 minutes per attempt
  • Power Armor is easy to kill
  • Good Silver rewards from completing the two missions you’ll do over and over
  • Easy XP



  • Less XP than method #2 below
  • Waiting on that 3 min flight deck to finish gets boring


Method #2: More XP, Longer Fights

My second-favorite CP farming method is to replay the first two fights of Assignment 2 over and over. The first fight is a bunch of AIM enemies in the woods, and the second is Moonstone plus a bunch of AIM soldiers. This method yields better XP per play through since you do two fights instead of 1, but the fights are much longer than the Assignment 3 version of this technique. I do not like this method as much, but it is good if you’d rather fight than wait around for a flight deck mission (or if you are just bored of Method #1).

  1. Start Assignment 2
  2. Win the first fight 
  3. Collect Step 1 reward
  4. Win the fight against Moonstone (Black Panther is good against her, gets lots of extra turns)
  5. Collect mini boss roulette prize (hopefully you win CP)
  6. Immediately restart Assignment 2 and rinse/repeat


  • Uses 20 energy, which is more than Method #1 but less than the next method
  • No waiting on Flight Deck



  • Slower than method 1

As far as I can tell, the roulette prize tables and the chances of winning CP are exactly the same for the mini bosses in Assignment 2 and 3.


Method #3: Slow but Guaranteed CP

For slow but guaranteed CP keep replaying assignments all the way through. You’ll automatically get 1 CP for every assignment you complete from step 5 of the assignment, plus two boss roulettes along the way.

marvel avengers alliance tactics

Guaranteed CP prize


I use Assignments 1 and 2 for this method, since they are easier than Assignments 3 and later and the goal is to just power through as fast as I can to get to those roulettes.


  • Guaranteed 1 CP per playthrough
  • Two boss roulettes
  • Good XP


  • Requires a lot of energy (50+ depending on the assignment)
  • Slow


How the CP Roulette Works

  • There is no way to influence the outcome
  • Prizes are not weighted equal

The last point is important. Even though there are 10 items showing in the roulette, they are not weighted equally. If you played M:AA you are familiar with the agony of winning energy over and over while that 50 CP prize sits there never being won. That’s because the energy has like, a 20% chance of being the prize, while the CP has a 1% or less chance.

The only way to earn a ton of CP is to just keep farming.

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