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Dated: 3:07am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Tips and Strategies For Newbies To Get You Through The First Few Missions In Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics.


Choosing a Commander Name

Choose your name carefully, there’s no way to change it [at this time].


How to Defeat Power Armor in Ch. 1 Assignment 1

marvel avengers alliance tactics

Here is a guide to defeat Power Armor in Chapter 1. The fight against Power Armor is the first real challenge in Marvel Avengers Alliance Tactics.


Here are some strategies to help you win this fight the first time:

Train Black Panther to level 2 before starting this fight. At level 2, Black Panther gets “Claw Swipe”, which inflicts bleed. Power Armor is susceptible to bleed.


Bring Black Panther and focus him on Power Armor. Not only is Black Panther’s class (Tactician) strong against Power Armor’s (Blaster), but Black Panther’s 2nd attack, “Claw Swipe”, inflicts a powerful “Leaking” dot on Power Armor. It’s like extra free damage every time Power Armor takes a turn, so get him bleeding early and keep reapplying. Once you know about the bleed tactic, this fight is a cinch.


Bring 2 agents if you don’t have 4 heroes yet. The game gives you some Agents for free, take them off building defense and put them on the Quinjet. They will die in a couple rounds but at least Black Panther and Iron Man w

Focus on Power Armor. You can actually win this fight without defeating the AIM fodder enemies. Wait a couple rounds and Power Armor should run up to the entrance, making him that much easier to kill.


Find World Map Targets Quickly

When you get a new task, there’s a small radar button near the task name you can click to go directly to that location.

marvel avengers alliance tactics


Get a 3rd Hero for Free

Get to 40% completion in Ch. 1 – Assignment 1 ASAP to trigger another Assignment called “Middle Management”. Reaching Commander Level 3 completes “Middle Management” and awards you a FREE hero (Black Widow, She-Hulk, Iron Fist, Cyclops, or Captain Marvel).

 marvel avengers alliance tactics

Use Agents in Combat

You get 2 free SHIELD Agents every time you add a new building to your base. These Agents can be used in combat if you assign them to the Quinjet before launching it towards an enemy base. They suck, but they are better than nothing (and they get better if you can train them up to level 2 or 3). Use Agents to fill your Quinjet until you have 4 heroes.


Use Iron Man’s Unibeam

Iron Man’s Unibeam is bar none the best ability in the game. It’s a multi-target attack and it hits for crazy damage. Get enemies in a line or bunched up together and find the best place to stand to hit as many of them as possible with the Unibeam. The only downside to Unibeam is it will also damage your own heroes, so make sure none of your own are in the way of the attack.

 marvel avengers alliance tactics

Timers under 5 minutes “finish now” for FREE

Stick around and finish timers with less than 5 minutes remaining for free. Basically, this free finish now means you can train a hero to level 2, level 3, or constructing a new base building instantly.

marvel avengers alliance tactics 

Don’t forget to collect your completed tasks

You have to manually collect prizes from completed tasks. It’s easy to forget this and let them sit there uncollected. Be sure to check your task bar for rewards to collect, and use the arrows to scroll to check tasks further down in the list.

marvel avengers alliance tactics 

How to Defeat Moonstone in Ch. 1 Assignment 2

Go directly for her (she’s in the back of the map) and focus your efforts on defeating her. You don’t need to kill her fodder enemies.


Build a Flight Control right away

The Flight Deck from MAA is back and its hidden inside Flight Control. This building is dirt cheap at 146 Silver and once you’ve built it, you can put one of your agents on it and Flight Deck missions all day long to earn easy silver.

(Its construction time is under 5 minutes, so use FINISH NOW to get it instantly for free.)

 marvel avengers alliance tactics

How to Defeat Klaw in Ch. 1 Assignment 2

Take your entire team to Klaw and give him a beatdown. Do not waste time fighting the 5 AIM agents: you win the map as soon as Klaw is down.


How to Defeat Viper/Power Armor in Ch. 1 Assignment 3

The Black Panther “Claw Swipe” technique that worked so well in Assignment 1 won’t work here. The Hydra Power Armor is immune. Instead, hit him with Unibeam and whatever other heroes and agents you brought along. Ignore everyone else, this Power Armor is a pushover.

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