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Dated: 3:03am on Thursday 9th July 2015

Tips To Customize A Hero’s Individual Moves

Here is a game guide for the Augmented Iso-8 into Hero uniforms in the game Marvel: Avengers Alliance. While basic Iso-8 modifies a hero’s stats and Enhanced Iso-8 grant new passive effects, Augmented Iso-8 allows a player to customize a hero’s individual moves. At level 8, a hero can equip one Augmented Iso-8 onto one of their moves (0/1 EQUIPPED). This can go into any move they have unlocked, but they cannot have more than 1 move equipped at a time.At level 14, they can equip all 4 moves (0/4 EQUIPPED).

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Restricted Augmented Isotope-8 for Heroes


  • Note: Hero-specific Augmented Iso-8 is dropped from Boss Battles where the hero is a cameo (A-Iso drop for the Team-Up Hero for that battle). Refer below for more info. 
  • [S2-C4-M1]  = means Season 2, Chapter 4, Mission 1. 
  • Note: Players can safely unequip Augmented Iso-8 from a move at any time.


Season 2 Chapter 3 Augmented Iso-8


  • Character Restricted [S2-C3-M1] - Painful Augmented Iso-8 
  • Pain Train: Applies Pain Train.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C3-M2] - Charged Augmented Iso-8 
  • Charged: Add one additional Soulcharge.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C3-M3] - Ragged Augmented Iso-8 
  • Manriki: Applies Hemmorage.


Hank Pym 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C3-M4] - Formican Augmented Iso-8 
  • Ants! Ants! Ants!: Applies Winded.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C3-M5] - Ragged Augmented Iso-8 
  • Selective Burning: Shield Counter no longer attacks allies.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C3-M5-(EPIC)] - Upgraded Augmented Iso-8 
  • Fatal Fender: Adds Brutal Strike, Exploits Corruption and Attrition.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C3-M6] - Loaded Augmented Iso-8 
  • Tactical Planning: Walking Armory grants the Class Benefit for the selected class, but gains a cooldown.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C3-M6-(EPIC)] - Upgraded Augmented Iso-8 
  • Fatal Fender: Adds Brutal Strike, Exploits Corruption and Attrition.


Season 2 Chapter 4 Augmented Iso-8

Union Jack 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C4-M1] - Victorious Augmented Iso-8 
  • Victorious: V For Victory becomes a Quick Action, but gains a 2 round cooldown.


Red Hulk 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C4-M2] - Endothermic Augmented Iso-8 
  • Endothermic: Gamma Bomb grants 30% Heat.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C4-M3] - Valhallan Augmented Iso-8 
  • Valhallan: Sacrificial Blessing has a 100% chance to apply Deathwatch to allies and becomes a Quick Action.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C4-M3-(EPIC)] - Worthy Augmented Iso-8 
  • Worthy: Inspire Bravery grants two stacks of Might of Mjolnir.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C4-M4] - Penitent Augmented Iso-8 
  • Penitent: Absolution gains Finest Hour, dealing increased damage when Angel has Strengthened, Focused, Fortified, and Agile.


Angel (X-Force Archangel) 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C4-M4] - Virulent Augmented Iso-8 
  • Virulent: Arcangel's Pestilence targets all enemies.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C4-M5] - Tempestuous Augmented Iso-8 
  • Tempest: Preemptively attack with Rolling Thunder when using Cyclops Smash.


Black Panther 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C4-M6] - Reflexive Augmented Iso-8 
  • Reflexive: Vibranium Daggers becomes a Quick Action.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C4-M6-(EPIC)] - Arachnid Augmented Iso-8 
  • Arachnid: Web Slingshot gains Deadly Hits.


Season 2 Chapter 5 Augmented Iso-8


  • Character Restricted [S2-C5-M1] - Stabilizing Augmented Iso-8 
  • Energy Focus: Plasma Wave no longer Kicks Like a Mule, but extends cooldown by 1.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C5-M2] - Advantageous Augmented Iso-8 
  • Personal: Applies Disadvantage.


Squirrel Girl 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C5-M3] - Nutty Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Nuts to This) More Nuts!: Removes Awww Nuts.


Emma Frost 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C5-M4] - Controlling Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Psychic Tap) Controlling: Adds Mind Control.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C5-M5] - Shocking Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Empowering Strike) Electrical Current: Add Electricity and Static Charge.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C5-M5-(EPIC)] - Raging Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Inspire Courage) Berserking: Adds Berserk to Sif and Allies.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C5-M6] - Gifted Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Gift of Battle) Guffaw: Gift of Battle is now a quick action.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C5-M6-(EPIC)] - Boxing Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Punch) Mean and Green: Applies Hulk Up.


Season 2 Chapter 6 Augmented Iso-8


  • Character Restricted [S2-C6-M1] - Sighted Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Infiltrator Interface) Upgraded Interfaces: Infiltrator Interface grants Phased; Blaster Interface grants 5 stacks of Energy Charge; Both moves gain a 1 round shared cooldown.


Moon Knight 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C6-M2] - Fractured Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Fist of Khonshu) Bloody Knuckles: Fist of Khonshu gains Exploits Bleeds.


Iron First 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C6-M3] - Ferric Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Healing Chi) Lifting Spirits: Healing Chi and Praying Lotus grant Rising Up.


Black Cat 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C6-M3-(EPIC)] - Feline Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Unlucky Strike) Jinx: Unlucky Strike applies Hexed.


Ghost Rider 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C6-M4] - Damning Augmented Iso-8 -
  • (Action: Damnation Chains) Inquisition: Damnation Chains applies Sin to all enemies.


Doctor Voodoo 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C6-M5] - Ritualistic Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Voodoo Incantation) Ritualism: Voodoo Incantation becomes a Quick Action but gains a shared cooldown.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C6-M6] - Ridiculous Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Sharp Pointy Things) Share the Love: Sharp Pointy Things applies Strengthened, Focused, Fortified, and Agile to both Deadpool and the target.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C6-M6-(EPIC)] - Extricating Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Status Reset) Hard Reset: Status Reset removes debuffs from all allies.


Season 2 Chapter 7 Augmented Iso-8

Black Knight 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C7-M1] - Trampling Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Valinor) Trample: Valinor triggers Hemorrhage.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C7-M2] - Reckless Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Snap Kick) Reckless: Snap Kick applies Reckless Rage.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C7-M2-(EPIC)] - Reckless Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Snap Kick) Reckless: Snap Kick applies Reckless Rage.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C7-M3] - Mangling Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Feral Ambush) Mangling: Feral Ambush now applies Mangle.



  • Character Restricted [S2-C7-M4] - Dazing Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Brawl) Dazing: Brawl now exploits Stun.


Captain Amreica 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C7-M5] - Concussing Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Shield Bash) Concussed: Shield Bash now applies Subdue.


Wonder Man 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C7-M6] - Enduring Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Wonders Never Cease) Ceaseless: Molecular Reconstruction now lasts an additional round and cannot be removed.


Wonder Man 

  • Character Restricted [S2-C7-M6-(EPIC)] - Enduring Augmented Iso-8 
  • (Action: Wonders Never Cease) Ceaseless: Molecular Reconstruction now lasts an additional round and cannot be removed.

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