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About Masha Spring Allergy

Masha just loves Spring! All the flowers and butterflies, she can't help herself to go and smell them all. But it seems she has spring allergies! Oh, no! It is up to you and the Bear to treat them. Start by giving her some medicine to make her feel better, then pour some drops in her red eyes to soothe them. A hot cup of tea will make her feel better and her sinuses will decongestant. Honey is delicious and it is also great for immunity, so she will feel much better next time she steps outside. Also, it is a miraculous medicine for throat aches, which usually come with allergies. Put some chamomile flowers in hot water and let her put her face above it with a towel on her head. Finally, some oxygen will allow her to breathe normally again. Now she can enjoy spring without further issues! Have a wonderful time playing Masha Spring Allergy!

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