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Dated: 7:54am on Monday 10th June 2019

Strategies About Level Up, Whistles, Coffees, Mogas, PVP, Moga Cash And More.

monster galaxy

Some Tips and Tricks that may help the game lovers to play the game smoothly and without any difficulty.

Tips for Beginners

  • I recommend Yoake as a starter but you can choose any though.  
  • Click on "Get Seed" on your game screen to start getting Star Seeds.  
  • Water your whistle tree and harvest your whistle.  
  • Harvest whistles from your friend's tree. 
  • Get free whistles from your Facebook Wall or from your friend's Wall.  
  • Gift Game Items to your friends to receive free gifts from your friends.  
  • Start your journey and enjoy! ^^


How to Level up Your Moga  

  • Note that you only have a limited number of attacks so let's make the most out of it.  
  • Always use a Moga that has: more, 2x or 3x zodiac effectiveness when fighting a wild Moga. If you don't have any, run from the battle instead to avoid wasting your attacks (your choice). 
  • Enter locations with EASY difficulty for easier training.  
  • Avoid Mogas with "Blind" or "Fast/Happy Feet" Abilities. You will miss a lot so run instead. 
  • Whistles or Bonus Attacks have a 100% Accuracy though. 
  • With the recent patch, it is better to level up your Mogas against a Striker type Mogas. Striker type Mogas have high attack but less HP. 
  • It is even easier to defeat Beginner Striker class Mogas!- NEW!


Boosting Up Your Moga

EXP will be received by all participating Mogas.

How to use other Mogas to boost your weak Moga.  

  • Summon first your weak moga.  
  • Note that the higher leveled Moga will always take the first turn, so it is safer to pick opponents that is equal to your weak moga.  
  • You must use any attacks, even if you miss it will still count that your weak moga has participated in the battle. Special abilities and whistles are good choices to avoid your opponent hitting you back.  
  • Switch to your stronger Moga and defeat your opponent.


Use of Whistles!  

  • Collect whistles to boost up your Moga. 
  • Whistles have 100% Accuracy, so, they should never be missed! 
  • With the new update "Moga Battles 2.0", Whistles or bonus attacks are no longer considered as Zodiac Attacks. Instead, damage from whistles is directly dependent to the level of your current Moga in battle.


Use of Combos! 

  • For now, The general Combo: Whistle>Special Attack>Whistle>Zodiac Attack. 
  • TRICK! You can use whistles again by refreshing the page! This is pretty useful when you are in a very tight situation. - NEW!


Already Used Up? Use Coffees!  

  • Use your Coffees only when you are out of skills.  
  • Only use coffees to your favorite team or mogas.  
  • If you don't have coffees, don't forget to put your Moga/s into sleep.


Capturing of Mogas  

  • You can only capture Mogas that are 2 levels above your highest Moga.  
  • You can capture all Mogas that are below your Moga's level.


Moga Rarity and Max Capture Rate  

  • (T) Training - 100%  
  • (B) Beginner - 99%  
  • (C) Common - 59%  
  • (U) Uncommon - 39%  
  • (R) Rare - 29%  
  • (SR) Super Rare - 19%  
  • (E) Epic - 9%  
  • (L) Beyond Epic (Legendary) - 4% 
  • (G) Galactic - 0% Only gained through special methods like Evolution. NEW!


General Tips on Capturing Mogas  

  • (Optional), Earn 5 to 10+ Star Seeds.  
  • (Optional),The levels of your current team must be close to each other as possible.  
  • Aim for the maximum Capture rate. It is not necessary to bring the Moga's HP to 1.  
  • Use you whistles wisely if you want to use it.  
  • Always take note of the Moga's HP and your damages. Don't forget possible criticals. 
  • Using 2x less Mogas can help you minimize their HP easier without killing them accidentally.  
  • If you think you might kill the Moga on your next move, switch to your other Mogas instead if you followed Tip number two.  
  • Throw your Star Seed, may luck be kind. ^^


Know about Moga Classes 

  • Striker - more attack but less HP. 
  • 15 Physical, 5 Zodiac and 5 Special attacks available. 
  • Balanced - balanced HP and attack. 
  • 15 Physical, 10 Zodiac and 5 Special attacks available. 
  • Tank - more HP but less attack. 
  • 15 Physical, 15 Zodiac and 5 Special attacks available.


Know about PVP (Tamer Duel)

To start fighting with your friends, head HOME first. Point your mouse over the friend you want to fight, and click "Fight." Be ready for instant action, because there will be no turning back.



  • When you enter a PVP Tamer Duel, you can't run and use whistles. 
  • Your opponent will use his or her current team Mogas for defending. 
  • For Non-cash users, you can only battle a friend once per 24 hours.



  • Double EXP and Card drops. 
  • Chance to drop Moga Cash!


Use of Moga Cash 

Moga Cash is used for purchasing premium items in the Sky Shop and for fulfilling limited or normal in-game events.


How to Gain Moga Cash 

  • Moga Cash drops in Battles are now permanent but not all locations are equal. For the best Moga Cash drop rates in the game: Head to Pueblonia and Cortex Shell! Newer place will have higher drop rates. 
  • Through Person versus Person match.

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