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Dated: 3:01am on Sunday 16th July 2017

Monster Legends battle with ultimate monsters breed , feed raise and turn them into beast.

Monster legends is again a very tricky but interesting game which will enhance your skill...so if really want to do good and want to achieve quickly..then go ahead with below mentioned tricks.

1. Combining elements can work- If you are looking to add some new and unusual monsters to your roaster, just combine elements and experiment all you could land up your monster again.

2. Spread experience across different monsters- Face different monsters and aim to have three elements.

3.Hang in there and keep fighting- It shows how to combine time-based adventure with Pokemon farm style breeding. You will at same ways of game dragging and upgrades. On the way, Parthians to fighting aspect of monster legends and upgrades will get you more food.

4. Never waste diamonds to speed up your monsters hatching- Eggs will hatch any ways, we suggest saving your diamonds for other.

5. If you want to expand then have a plan- Try to place markets and habitats at the ideal place. So plan things well in advance will help you go smoothly.

6. Be a part of Arena combat AND get more gold and gems.

7. Keep on playing- Gems are the game's previous currency, so just play regularly and level up as much as you could- 5 consecutive daily logins earns you one gem and so does leveling up. You will get bonus gems in adventure map and monster arena.

       best of luck n enjoy

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